Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • srikondoji
    06-29 07:42 AM
    post date is important here and not the delivery date.

    So, wait for july 2nd.
    Better than that, if you have buddies in FedEx, go bug them to accompany you to the nearest FedEx shoppe/store/offcie and do the shipment on July 1st.

    It is my earnest advice and so is of many more here that filing on july 30th or earlier is risky and may end up with a rejection.

    Best regards

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  • vxb2004
    12-25 10:11 PM
    I planning to use AC 21 from Next week, I plan to call my parents in July 2008, What should I mention as my Immigration Status in Invitation letter.

    As I will not be on H1B and neither I have Green Card ?

    Mention you are in I-485 adjustment status. Thats the truth...good luck.

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  • Charleh
    01-20 11:01 AM
    I've fixed and done a bit more on the project since then - I'll see if I can get a test project to you so you can have a look.

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  • andy_traps
    04-11 06:49 PM
    18000 change as of yesterday (April 10).



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  • vnsriv
    11-12 11:57 AM
    If you go for a permanent position, drug test & background checks are very common and also the process is very simple. Also it depends on the type of sector, for e.g if you go in medicare drug test is must, similarily if you go for financial majors, fingerprinting is common.

    If you are clean you shouldn't worry. Good luck and congrats for new job.


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  • ronhira
    09-14 08:23 AM
    and who are you? some agent of a tracker website who just wants to create an unrest here by dividing between eb3 and eb3? Or r u a twin brother of tunnel rat? next time, try a with an authentic post, otherwise your effort is wasted....

    btw, u have to have a service from vonage if you want to refer someone

    Hello all,

    Is there any california chapter esp in Nor Cal.
    We have to unite EB3 Guys and strike hard!!!
    I have heard that next bulletin might bring breaking news for EB3I community but still we cannot keep relying on VBs.
    It is like going to Jyotish for knowing future.

    EB2 Guys, you should also help us even though if you are getting GCs faster...

    Please provide me information on California chapter. I have just joined IV.
    I believe it is high time to fight back.

    (btw if anybody wants to have vonage $24.99, please let me know. I can refer you)


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  • GC4US
    10-22 11:19 PM
    Could somebody tell me, please, if Uscis is sending 2 notices for finger printing? I mean one notice with one date and another notice with another date?Or is sending only 1 appointment.

    I don't know where I read that you have to go for the finger printing 2 times.
    Is this true?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • bsrik77
    07-30 01:32 PM
    I applied for my I-140/485 together in the last week of June. I havent got the receipt numbers yet. My wife is on H1 and since she is not the primary application on my 485 forms, is it okay if she changes her job. Will her H1 transfer affect both of our applications.


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  • rajuseattle
    08-21 07:53 PM
    Can someone please post the link where you get this information?

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  • sgupta33
    08-28 05:12 PM

    The dept. of labor uses two types of codes, one of which is the SOC code. Yours may be a SOC code (Standard Occupational Classification) or the other one (name I can't remember). If you look at and search for articles on AC21, you'll find information on the two types of codes the DOL uses. The go to the DOL website and do a search for the two types of occupational codes and see which classification system your code matches. Once you access the classification, just look for your number and it should give you a brief description. I did this for my code.


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  • neeidd
    07-09 11:38 AM
    One cannot work on H4.
    i was told by my lawyer - if spouse stops working, s/he can go back to H4, but you need to confirm with a lawyer, given your specific case.
    Thanks for your response, Nil

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  • vennella
    06-18 02:34 PM
    My husband's employer filed for green card under EB-1 (OR). I-140 got approved, I-485 is pending. I already did my fingerprinting. My husband's is scheduled for next week. We did not get EAD or AP yet.

    Meanwhile I need to travel to Europe on business. I have a valid H-1 to re-enter US. Would my AP get approved before I return to US? If so, can I still enter with my valid H-1? My husband is planning to delay his biometrics until I get back. Are there any problems with this plan? Please advise


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  • Cmartin
    03-06 08:05 PM

    I'm in a strange situation. I just got my green card (I have an L2) yesterday so it is great news. But somehow, today I was checking my EAD since it becomes obsolete and I just realised that I completely forgot to renew it before it expired 2 months ago, early January. So it means that I worked the past 2 months with my expired EAD but got my green card nevertheless.
    Do you have any advice as what I should do? Should I check with my HR about the EAD...
    Thanks a lot for any help

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  • finimits
    04-24 09:09 PM

    I would appreciate any help on the below matter. Thanks in advance!

    My information:
    Priority Data: March 2008
    I-140 approved
    About to apply for 3 year extension of H1B after 6th year( which expires on Dec 1st 2011)

    My Questions
    If I move to another company as soon as my 3 year H1B extension comes through and they start my GC process again, what do I have to be careful about regarding
    1. Is this even possible?
    2. Will the H1B keep getting extended after I switch employers.
    3. Can I keep my PD?
    4. If the new company is in a slightly different field but my job remains similar, does that matter?
    5. What happens if after I transfer, my current employer revokes my i-140? Does that matter since my new employer will restart my GC process anyway? (Also, do i get to keep my PD in this case?)

    Thank you very much!


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  • thankgod
    05-13 09:40 AM
    I have ben working with employer A on an H1B ( even labor and I-140 approved, PD-April2009) and planning to apply for H1 transfer now through employer B.

    After the transfer is approved for B, if I change my mind and decide to continue to work with curent employer A, can I do that ?


    You can continue your work with Employer A. Just ignore about B.

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  • hazishak
    07-31 11:30 PM
    My wife is planning to go for H4 visa stamping in October. My question is can she go alone and what kind of documents she need. Our I-485 applications have reached USCIS on July 2nd. Any reply will be greatly appreciated.


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  • gsk0422
    07-01 10:39 AM
    Hey, my friend just got admission in a college and since she is not a US citizen or permanent resident. So, she needed a co-signer who is one but unfortunetly she couldnt get one cuz no one other then your own family member will trust u and sign and affidavit or co-sign a loan. Now her aunt who came with her husband on his work visa,been living for 9 yrs, recetly went out of status(I dont know the reason as its personal) has bank account and of course some savings. So my friend's aunt signed the Affidavit for my friend that was required by the university in order to process the student visa. Now after the application is filed, my friend is worried and maybe you can help her answer the questions. Her english isnt so good so Im going this for her(thu mine is bad too :)

    -I do know one thing that if a person getting a student loan is not a US citizen/permanent resident she/he would need a co-signer who is one and I also know that for sure that the loan agency check the credit history of a co-signer. SO,since my friend's aunt isnt a permant resident or a US citizen(she is out of status in fact) so she cannot be my friend's co-signer for the student loan BUT what about Affidavit?
    do the Immigration check the backgound of the person who signed the Affidavit,attached with her bank statments, for the student visa process or they mainly will check the student's background? my friend is concerned as she doesnt want her aunt to be in any trouble!

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  • fromnaija
    12-15 04:35 PM

    I am currently working on a fulltime H1B and my GC process is going on with second stage (I140) in progress. Now my old employer wants me to work parttime for them which I agreed upon but this is a possibility only if I have a parttime H1B applied w.r.t old employer which I am thinking to apply for it and work parttime. But my question here is does this effect my GC processing? If it is what are the effects? Please reply me back. Thanks a lot.


    Getting a second H1 for part-time employment has no effect on your GC whatsoever.

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  • knowDOL
    05-22 05:12 PM
    1. YES
    2. Your employer not only should not revoke your I140 but should not be using the LC for someone else. If he chooses use it for some one else the originla beneficiary will no longer get its benefits.
    3. The condition for three years extension is you are not able to get to I485 because of retrogression so they will give you three years,
    It is possible with a different employer only if the new LC and I140 is approved and you are waiting to file I485.

    This is what I know, but I am not an attorney so better to talk to your (new) company attorney before making the move.

    02-22 08:51 AM
    Any updates anyone?

    02-20 09:21 AM
    Yes you can use your Company A experience for applying EB2 in COmpany B.

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