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  • meridiani.planum
    04-07 12:16 PM
    How long will it take to get a green card in this category with a PD in 2008?
    Will it be better to find another Job and go EB2? My H1b started in Oct 2007.

    If you qualify for EB2 then obviously go for EB2 (as its current). If you dont have a masters and have only say 2 years of experience, then instead of wasting 3 years waiting for EB2, start a GC in EB3. Once you get past I-140 the PD becomes yours. Now whenever you jump jobs and file GC again (in EB2 say) you will get the 2008 PD. So even if EB2 retrogresses in the future, you would have saved yourplace in ht equeue.

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  • nozerd
    12-01 02:02 PM
    If I live in Canada but commute daily to work in US (Windsor/Detroit) can I file I 485 in US instead of consular processing ?


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  • tatyavinchu
    09-17 11:54 AM
    I am a july 07 filer with EB2 PD Oct 2005. I switched employers in early part of this year. My employer has been very erratic and not paying me salary for past 2 months because his money is not cleared from his client. I have found another contract but my employer wants to wait until his money is cleared before he can pay me and that can take longer than 6 months !!! (if his money is not cleared before)

    Under such circumstances I am jeopardising everything. I was wondering if I start working for my own company on a W2 with a same job profile same salary structure will USCIS consider this as something fraudulent or do they allow self employment under AC21 ? After I have my GC I plan to continue working for my own company. In that case what do I need to do from my side to make this happen ? I started my company in August 2008.

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  • kirupa
    04-09 11:44 PM
    Added yours up ya3 :) uber, yours is nice also, but I like the colors in ya3's more.


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  • DallasBlue
    07-31 08:23 PM

    Washington Evaluation Services (Washington Evaluation Service)
    210 Justice Ct Ne, Washington, DC 20002-5755, United States (Map) (Add Company Info)
    Phone: (202) 543-2595
    Contact Name:Terry Erb

    you can also try:
    Trustforte (

    good luck

    --disclaimer: just personal view, do your research.

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  • perm2gc
    11-30 10:09 PM

    I am in a fixed situation and in big dilemma.
    My H1 is expiring in 2007 June first week.

    My current employer's (A) attorney is useless and I had to struggle for a year to get my labor filed.
    Labor got approved recently and still struggling to file my I-140 in premium.

    Meanwhile, I got an offer for permanent employment in a good organization (B).

    I would like take that offer but issues that are bothering me are:

    1. If I wait and finish my I-140 with current company (A), do I have to get 3 years H1 extension with Company (A) before transferring to company (B)?

    2. Do company (B) have rights to extend my H1 visa for 3 years with I-140 approval from current company (A)?

    3. Is it safe to switch companies immediately after I-140 approval? I thought 180 days time is preferred but I don�t have the luxury of waiting for 180 days.

    Please help me with these questions.


    Welcome to immigrationvoice.Please search the forum before posting a new thread..your type of scenario has been discussed and properly addressed by the members.Here is one such thread.
    If that didnot help you..i request to take some time to search the forum.


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  • mrdelhiite
    07-01 04:06 PM
    Thanks a lot guys .


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  • xbohdpukc
    08-05 11:31 AM
    as long as both PDs are current they will start to process an application with the earliest RD first.


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  • Almond
    07-20 09:32 PM
    They expire after a certain amount of time. Just go take them as they want you to. You don't want anything to get delayed in the future just because you don't want to be bothered with them today.

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  • Junky
    11-11 11:41 AM
    Thanks for starting this thread. I have just sent all the four letters even though I am not planning to use the AC21. But I feel sorry for fellow EB's who got rejected because few IO did not know about the AC-21. I get really :mad: P***** O** to see that ppl who are playing by rule have to face hardship at freak'n every stage of GC.


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  • tinamatthew
    07-24 11:41 AM
    Hi ,

    I was working for company A and got my labor and I-140 approved and then i changed to company B. My priority date is jan 2005. Is there any way that i can continue my green card process with company A. WOuld be of great help if somone can tell me if there is any way to do it.

    I think that as far as company A agrees, it shouldn't be a problem. I believe the GC application is for a future job offer.

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  • irukandji
    03-24 01:57 PM
    Titles doesn't have to match exactly as long as it is in same/similar occupation.


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  • LegalIndianInUSA
    09-11 10:29 PM

    Yes, Im aware of the Cronin memo, and also the clarification on below

    But, If you read the memo correctly, the language is vague at best, with references to a final rule that I couldnt find. Even the interim memo(Cronin) isnt available from the USCIS website.

    My goal was not to restart the discussion on this. I simply wanted suggestions on how to approach USCIS to get clarity on this situation. Some options would be

    1. Call USCIS : but do the people answering the call know the rules, and is their "interpretation" valid ?

    2. Get an Infopass appt: Again, an IO may not be the right person responding to this

    3. Contact the USCIS director : possible? how?

    4. Contact AILA

    5. Contact the Ombudsman

    If anyone has thoughts and suggestions about how to get this clarified, please advise. My goal is to get a document from USCIS authoritatively stating their stance on this situation.

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  • champu
    02-28 08:32 PM
    DEC 07 PD is current ..??? which category are you in.

    Kuwait chargeability


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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    06-25 06:09 AM
    I don't think anyone around can predict. Post the outcome after your cruise trip.

    BTW, if I were you in J-1 situation I will stay at USA instead of the ship @Victoria. (I am not sarcastic, that is what I do).

    I�m J1 visa holder and I�m planning on a vacation for Alaska cruise
    during my grace period.

    Here�s my trouble. I know J1 visa holder can�t go outside from USA during the grace period. But Alaska is also one of states of USA.
    I also know that cruise visit to Victoria in Canada. But I will stay at my ship instead visiting Victoria. Is it ok to go legally? I mean �. can I go back to USA after Alaska cruise without any problems?

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  • mailtobalu
    06-30 04:56 PM
    Can I go for this change of status any time or do I need to wait for new H1B cap which will open in April every year?


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  • ajju
    09-07 12:14 AM
    I dont think it is allowed. One would think that working outside the US while you are waiting for "Adjustment of Status" would be considered abandonment of your I 485

    Still its good to check with your attorney first...

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  • coolpal
    03-27 05:20 PM
    I am no attorney... but from my knowledge you are OK.
    The h1b rules state that once you loose your job, you have 10 days to find another way to keep you in status or leave the country... and your situation, even if it comes to a point where you have to agree that you were out of job for that 5 days is no problem at all.

    pal :)

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  • Hyperized
    06-30 06:19 PM
    Cool picture.

    What type of phone do you have that has that kind of image quality?

    Exif data shows:

    HTC - MDA_compact_IV .. which is the Tmobile name for the HTC Diamond :P.
    It has a 3.2 megapixel camera. I do however believe that it doesnt really matter what camera you use, if you cant make good pictures with a pocket camera then a $2000 camera wont help either ;)

    03-02 12:55 PM

    U said it right, I dont know why IV admin/moderators keep allowing such abusive language in the IV forum.

    IV forum is suppose to help legal immigrants dealing with different immigration related situations, instead now its turning into the forum where people started hatred.

    IV admin please intervene and stop these kind of posting, which hurts IV's cause.

    03-04 10:07 AM
    I am now "current" with Nebraska and the latest Visa Bulletin. I have completed all other hurdles (including finger printing) how long should I expect now to wait now for my green card to be adjudicated ?

    Also, I have no idea about the FBI name check.. How do you even know if your file is being held up because of an FBI name check ?

    My status
    The March 2008 Visa Bulletin indicates they are proceessing up to priority date of 01 Jan 2005 (my PD date is Jan 2004)


    Nebraska Service Center Processing Dates -posted Feb 15 2008- indicates a I-485 EB �processing time frame� of July 30th 2007 (my receipt date is June 12 07/Notice date July 10 2007.

    Perhaps some of you had a similar experience and can kindly share how long you waited in the final step for the GC once you were "current".

    thank you !

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