Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Wishes For Colleagues

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  • jerryseinfeld
    08-18 03:54 PM
    how do i post a new thread?

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  • stephsh
    01-18 07:48 AM
    I tried using the way you proposed but it doesnt work, presumably since I�m using and not silverlight.

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    08-22 02:14 PM
    I thought carrying the old US passport along with the new US passport and PIO card would be sufficient. Anyone else with the same understanding????

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  • mirage
    02-15 06:07 PM
    Texans & Californians don't you want to sign up ? House judiciary sub-committee for immigration is 80% CA & TX


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  • gc_check
    06-21 07:32 PM
    Hi, I recently got married to an American Citizen. I am Canadian citizen and on travel visa here. I filed my I-485 jut last week. My question is how long does it take to get permanent resident approval?

    Since you got married to a us citizen, the entire process is much faster and you must have the green card in less than 6 or utmost 9 months.

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  • santa123
    06-20 03:14 PM
    Can someone share a sample or a template for the affidavits from former colleagues / managers, in cases where employer experience letter in specified format is not obtainable?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • ufo2002
    09-15 01:37 PM
    So let's have premium processing in all stages?
    Wonderful, why not this suggestion:
    Sell GCs for 30k each, or put up on auction.
    30k is achievable goal for everyone if we save money for 6 years straight. Maybe live on bread and water or something but hey, after buying the GC, can get back to living normally!

    I think the premium processing idea is just money milking strategies by the respective departments who process the different stages.

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  • Stcuk
    10-31 07:02 AM
    Recently , a friend of mine who lost his job while on EAD had these questions.

    1. He has EAD and H1B both valid till 2010. What should he use to get a jbo, ead ot h1b, what are some of the good reasons to avoid using ead as ar as possible?

    2. Is he eligible for unemployment allowance.

    If there is any thread where these have been answered please direct me there. Thanks


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  • ctu
    03-28 04:14 AM
    I want to transfer from H1B to F1.I came to US as a F1 and graduated in march 08.I got my H1B on oct 08.But now i want to transfer to F1 again and i had my visa till 2011. I had following doubts and please help me.

    1) I heard that i can transfer to F1 from H1B without canceling(but deactivating H1B) is it true.

    2) How much time does it take if i apply for change of status for F1?

    3)can i take cpt in F1 and later on can i change to H1 by applying change of status?

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  • mchhokar
    05-17 12:27 PM
    hey thanks!! Yet to see the copy of denial notice..does anyone knows whether appeal process entitles you to stay legally in US untill the final verdict?? I read somewhere that if your I94 /visa is expired , then the appeal period is illegal!!


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  • baldev.thakur
    06-24 02:31 PM
    Hi folks
    Hi Folks
    Assuming & God Willing I get my GC then , how long does it take to get US Citizenship. Does it matter which state you are working in and the Queues , State Wide Differ OR its the same slab.
    Can someone point me to the webpage on USCIS that tells you how long the Q is . Does it matter , what your prev. nationality before GC was like to Priority Date my country or no relation.
    HOW can I get US Citizenship Fastest ? AND HOW LONG, friends, does it take to get your family here as a dependent of a US Citizen

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  • bindas74
    01-24 03:46 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I filed my 485 in June 07 ad hd my FP on 7th September, 07. I read on some of the threads that we would be geting notices for additional finger printing after 15 months or so. I havent received any yet. Should I be proactive an request for one? Will my EAD finger printng count towards the requirement? ( I had given my biometrics formy EAD last April i.e 08 April ). Is this the reason why I did not get the FP notice? Any one in my boat?
    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance

    Anyone please share ur opinion.



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  • jnkme
    10-12 09:54 PM
    Hello I am in H4 in usa.
    I have applied for change of status to H1b this year, but still now I haven't received the decision form USCIS.
    In the mean time, my H4 status along with I-94 is getting experied by the end of this month Oct. I am not able to file H4 extension as this would overlay my probable H1b status.
    Now, If I dont get any decision on my H1b and I don't file H4 extention by the end of this month, what would be status after that? Would I become Out Of Status? What should I do under this situation?

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  • dale
    04-17 04:23 PM
    i know the character as being chinese (but it's probably definately a japanese one as well). and it means to "paint/draw" so it has huge relevance to as far as the stamp goes - it could be a little more interesting. it's kind of too white and plain-jane. (and what stamp costs $0.00?) the text is a little blurry as well



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  • Dhundhun
    11-17 11:26 PM
    My wife has very smooth and sweaty hands. When i applied for Canadian immigration during FBI FP process even after n no. of attempts we couldnt get good prints on FP Sheet using INK.
    It is electronic imaging, with very advnced technology. It immediately analyzes, whether it is legible or not, so that if illegible, repeated operations can be performed. I hope that she will not have any problem.

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  • h1bjava
    03-13 04:49 AM
    My H1b expires Sep 2009 and can apply for extension from apr 2009 onwards(6 months ahead). If for some reasons the extension gets denied by around Jun 2009 will I have to leave the country immediately or am I valid till sep 30 2009 as per the original H1B. Is H1B transfer after the denial and before the i94 expiry date an option? Thank you.


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  • mrsr
    08-09 02:39 PM
    not yet

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  • spgtopper
    03-15 08:41 AM

    Anyone working for Tata/Infosys/Wipro or any other big Indian software companies, please write to

    We would also like to know if anyone from Indian companies is affected by the labor backlog and retrogression problems. So, if you are please reply on this thread, or write to us.

    Thank you,


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  • smuggymba
    05-20 11:04 AM
    Thank you Rahul..
    I really appreciate it.. Just one more clarification.
    My employer didn't asked me anything during the interview (about CPT/OPT). Since I have to join in a week, should I inform them beforehand?


    The HR should ask you for the authorization before joining or when you do the HR paperwork. They might be assuming you're a US Citizen.

    05-21 01:55 PM
    Here's two different versions

    10-13 01:41 PM
    Cut Off Dates- Consulate General of the United States Mumbai, India (
    shows different dates for EB3 India.
    May be typo ????

    They copy china dates. They did the same thing last time. I think their program needs a fix. They will change it manually eventually. But in the meantime if you want to rejoice in hope feel free. I did that last month. I knew I was kidding myself but then thought, why not indulge myself.
    Three years back I dreamt my labor got cleared. Labor mind you not GC.Even in my dreams I don't see that. I was delighted. I was aware I was dreaming(One of those lucid dreams) but I let it continue. It felt good for a while. This is the same thing. Have fun

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