Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • mach1343
    12-15 03:35 PM

    I am currently working on a fulltime H1B and my GC process is going on with second stage (I140) in progress. Now my old employer wants me to work parttime for them which I agreed upon but this is a possibility only if I have a parttime H1B applied w.r.t old employer which I am thinking to apply for it and work parttime. But my question here is does this effect my GC processing? If it is what are the effects? Please reply me back. Thanks a lot.


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  • pappu
    07-26 11:39 PM
    Pls do not create two threads with the same post. They have been merged now.

    Pls join your state chapter and take it forward. We really need members with zeal and great ideas. Contact core if you have any questions.

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  • ash27
    06-12 04:30 PM
    IT market is very bad outside and you may be better off taking the position. Hang on to whatever you have for atleast a year and then think about moving. Few of my friends who were recently let go are having a hard time finding anything or the rates are very low. Other people can chime in with their experience...

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  • venky321
    08-16 01:17 PM
    The court is saying that since this is a non-binding memo; the court does not need to judge whether or not the USCIS definition of an employer employee relationship is valid or not.

    It just means that H1B petitions that have denied based on the 'control' issue can be appealed presumably. But this might only be an option for large IT companies; which is probably what the USCIS knew and planned for all along. I think the goal of the USCIS is to apply this memo selectively against the smaller Desi consultancies.


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  • Navkcl
    06-21 02:29 PM
    Please advise,
    I had a citation 3 yrs back and I paid fine in the court for tresspasing...
    Is this going to be effect on my GC process..I am preparing to apply I-485

    Thanks in Advance

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  • kaushik07
    11-07 03:07 PM
    My application was received on July 3 at NSC. Till now, I haven't received any notices. I got the RNs by calling USCIS.

    Now, I placed an expedite order on my EAD on Friday. They sent me a mail saying my app was received on Oct 10 and not July 3 (yeah right! if it was oct 10, why would you even accept it?). So I faxed them the fedex delivery signature confirmation. Today I see a LUD on my EAD app but nothing else has changed.

    Can anyone shed some light on what might possibly going on here? I can probably wait for some more time to find out for sure but I am curious. Guys with approved EAD - did you see a LUD on your app before it was approved?


    Iam a july 2nd filer at NSC and haven't received my receipt numbers yet. can I ask you when you got your receipt numbers? Thanks a lot!


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  • Nikith77
    12-11 01:24 PM
    Hi Gurus

    Do we get FP again for second EAD :confused:

    Thanks in advance.

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  • morevilla66
    01-05 04:56 PM
    I went through the same and it was fairly easy and not stressing.. you have to have copies of your passport ( the persons applying for extension and copies of the return tickets of the flights back home, you need a form : I-539 and fill it up, print it and send it with all the documentation they require, it would be advisable to have a sponsor or a person who certifies that will be financially in care of her expenses. ( forgot the form number but i think is I-139 ..please check ) and once you got all those requirements send them with 300 $ that costs the application process and in less then 4 weeks you will get a letter with either the aproval or the denial of the stay. If your I-94 expires while you wait for the form do not worry cause you are not going into illegal state while the USICIS is processing your application. GOOD LUCK !! and enjoy your ceremony !!


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  • DSLStart
    11-10 03:00 PM
    Wow! what a dialouge delivery by Sunny. someone from our EB community should this kind of lecture in front of Prez Obama and Congress, that'll sure get us justice (GC) quickly ;)

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  • amitga
    11-24 01:17 PM
    I would suggest your friend from this company who his trying to fool him even before starting the process.

    H1b Can be filed anyday and you friend can start as soon as the H1 gets approved.


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  • gc4vk
    12-13 05:01 PM
    Yes, Finger prints are done in Oct 07

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  • sledge_hammer
    05-05 10:40 AM
    See my PM...

    anobody? i really need your advice.


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  • veerkar
    06-18 10:17 PM
    i am a part-time mba student. will contribute a BIG sum once I get my EAD filed. The doc just charged me $400 per head for the health thing!

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  • wandmaker
    08-15 10:43 AM
    I have a question regarding employment and I-485 approval. For travel, one can take the I-797 approval notice and get their passport stamped if the physical green card has not arrived yet.

    How about employment? Can the approved I-797 for green card be used for filling in I-9 for employment? One can think of various situations where this might be useful. Say you have renewed your EAD/H1B that is expiring, do you file the new I-9 with new EAD/H1B or show the I-797.

    I have been asked filled out a new I-9 form; I mailed it to my employer along with the copy of approval notice and plastic card.


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  • Appu
    08-18 04:49 PM
    I am hoping someone can shed some light on this situation:

    I filed 140 and 485 concurrently (July, 2007). Today I received an email update saying that a RFE has been sent about my 485 petition. There's a LUD update for my 485 but my 140 seems untouched. What kind of issues with the case would prompt an RFE for the 485 before the 140 is processed? Is this for a second set of fingerprints or could this be something more serious? Thanks in advance for your responses.

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  • jackhardy
    02-03 10:37 AM
    After seeing the State of The Union Speech I wrote to the President about green card processing delays and immigration reform.

    I would recommend you all do the same.
    Hoping he reads at-least one of our letters and show some mercy + change!

    The address to mail is:
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500



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  • qualified_trash
    05-19 11:49 AM
    Immigration laws are a federal mandate. It does not matter where your lawyer is based...........

    Try to get a good lawyer. Where they are located should never be a consideration.

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  • eb3_nepa
    10-27 05:14 PM
    we can pay more fees if they can process our cases fast.:) :) :)

    Unfortunately that is not how it works at USCIS. They increase the fees WITHOUT any increase in service/performance.

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-03 07:00 PM
    An interesting survey showing 51% of voters in one of America's most politically conservative states favor legalizing illegally present immigrants in one form or another:Tennesseans appear ambivalent about how best to deal with illegal immigrants currently working in the United States. The largest proportion (43 percent) says such illegal immigrants should be required to leave their jobs and leave the country. But the next largest proportion (29 percent) takes the opposite view, saying such individuals should be allowed to stay in their jobs and eventually apply for U.S. citizenship. Finally, another 22 percent say such individuals should be allowed to...

    More... (

    10-24 01:03 PM

    As per Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, out of 114,200 visas for 2nd Preference, 89,000 reserved visa numbers has been allocated to F2A and the rest something around 26,600 visas has been reserved to allocate to F2B. But now, in previous year F2A jumps over 4 years� gap and only then they could achieved their quota and who knows there could be a probability of wastage or unused numbers as well. Anyways it will be an advantage for F2B�s because in 2011 they have 89,000 stock again to complete the required given numbers and any body in a world can guess right now after seeing the result of 2010 that it will become current soon. All I wanna say that there could be a tremendous amount of unused visas will gonna distributed among the preceding categories in which they will distribute those unused numbers to preceding categories. Where the maximum will be allocated to F2Bs and rest two: F3 and F4 could also enjoy this unused numbers in a discrete sequence. This process is known as �Spillover�, I have mentioned below the link of USCIS Blog site(Beacon)u guys can go and check it out.

    the bottom line ........... i think in the next couple of months will see much moving in the visa bulletin not happen ever

    04-20 12:09 PM
    check out the form at:

    On page towards the bottom it prompts the doctor to enter details of the tb skin test.
    Did u actually take the test? If you did, then perhaps ur doc missed it.

    If i remember correctly, the doc i went to gave us two copies of the form, one that was sealed for uscis and the other for our reference. Anyway, if they dont have a copy of it, get a new one and make sure this info is filled out and any attach any additional relevant doc and send it to uscis.

    If u got a lawyer, i suggest you get them to send the info with an attached letter etc.

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