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  • vanantwj
    April 28th, 2004, 05:45 PM
    Thanks! I just ordered one from there.

    No USCIS press release update? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : No USCIS press release update?

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  • snathan
    02-17 09:05 PM
    I want to do H1 transfer . But I do not have pay stub of Jan and Feb 2009 . Right now I got a project which will be starting from March 1 to 31 March . But before that I want To Transfer my H1 . Doses H1 Transfer need recent Pay Stubs ?

    Yes...You need.

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  • jim
    11-12 01:29 AM

    Answer 1:
    Yes,probably it will be a mistake.Tell your Employer or Attorney to the get the appointment in the local uscis office and sent them the cover letter to uscis saying that we didn't request for I-140 to be withdrawn and we still need that person and want to hire that person in the future.Remember that GC is for your future job.I think so once uscis recieved the cover letter from your employer and attorney you should be fine.Is your I-140 was in process at that time or it was approved earlier.

    Answer 2:
    You should not be have any problems if some other employer file your labor and GC process.It will not effect anything regarding previous labor.

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  • pappu
    01-04 11:09 PM
    article is here


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  • amitk81
    03-17 02:54 PM
    This is really stupid of USCIS to assume that we would stay in the same position for 6-7 years before they can re open the case.

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I would think if you are staying at the same place with the same company shouldn't be an issue as long as you stay in the same department.

    e.g. if you start in IT as an engineer and then during the GC process you change to a managerial role this should be o.k.
    But it you shift from IT to sales with the same salary there would be an issue.

    my 2 cents

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  • bowbow
    10-26 04:43 PM
    August filers got EADs, just wondering if anybody got APs


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    02-22 09:05 AM

    My 6 years on H1B is going to expire in Oct 10. I want to file for extension but the lawyer says that i can do it only after Mar 10 that is 6 months before h1b expires.

    ----You can apply after Mar 10.

    I have to visit my home country in May 10 and i wanted to go with my new h1b documents.

    ---If you go on May 10, You can get US visa for remaining months.

    ----my idea is apply premium on Mar 1st.You will get it within 15 days.

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  • desi3933
    01-25 09:19 AM
    I work with a consulting company on client side. The client is planning a shutdown for 2 days a month - 2nd and 4th Friday.

    Do you guys think its gonna impact 485 application. I am asking this question cause the labor was approved for 40/hrs per week and the salary slip shows the number of hrs worked per month which will be lesser than 160 (in case the month has 4 weeks).

    BTW, I am on EAD and 140 approved couple of years back.


    Pavan -

    You should maintain 40/hr per week. This could mean - your consulting company paying these days for your "full time job". The other option is - taking paid time off for these days. Again, it should be paid time off.

    Good Luck.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin


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  • godblessamerica_2009
    02-16 03:01 PM
    any respnse pls

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  • rabbitboy33
    03-07 08:27 AM
    My employer received my labor certification packet last week. However, other than a letter which states that my case has been certified, there was no other certificate/form.

    The letter states that "Form 9089 ETA has been certified and is enclosed." However, there are NO other enclosures. Is this how it is usually? OR have they just forgotten to include the certificate/form.

    Please help.


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  • optimist578
    04-20 03:11 PM

    I have my I-140 application (regular) still pending with USCIS when I got laid off. I don't stand a chance of asking my ex-employer to file a premium processing I-140, who has already agreed not to revoke anything.

    Now I am looking for a new employer who will be willing to sponsor my H1B and GC. Has anybody experienced such a situation?

    I am on my 9th year of H1B with PD Mar 2003 (EB3).


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  • pnjbindia
    03-06 01:16 PM
    A unique situation -
    I am getting ready to apply for my wife's AOS (ROW). She has never used a last name on any legal documents, example birth certificate, passport.
    Her H4 visa was processed with "FNU" - family name unknown .. Do I need a last name for filing her I-485? Can she get a GC with only her first name on it?
    Or will they process it with FNU as last name...
    Should i go to her embassy (Indonesia) and get her passport changed to my last name before applying for her 485? In that event, her H4 visa,passport and birth certificate will not match her passport..

    Any thoughts on my situation?


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  • paskal
    03-04 12:44 AM
    We are in regular contact with Senator Conrad's office and iv-physicians has a seat on the physicians task force that has been working on this. As you well know the environment is toxic towards any immigration relief but efforts are ongoing nevertheless.

    Please join the physicians chapter for further information. See the link in my signature. As a reminder- this is a closed group that works with sensitive information, make sure you provide your name and telephone number, e mail for contact and general info about immigration status, practice etc.

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  • alterego
    12-04 07:23 PM
    Indeed. 140s are getting a lot of RFEs nowadays and are once again taking nearly a year. It is a brave soul that will avail themselves of the AC21 180 portability provision without an approved 140 petition.
    The main points are the following, if you get an RFE and it has anything to do with your employer eg. ability to pay etc, can you count on them to send in that paperwork. If your employer withdraws the 140 application then you are left without a plank to stand on for your 485 as well.
    Basically you are on very thin ice if you invoke AC21 absent an approved 140. If you are contemplating such a move, you should atleast consider doing it on a H1b visa as back up.
    These are my views, please consult an attorney.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-13 08:30 AM
    As we watch the earthquake destruction in Haiti with horror, one group of individuals that will likely start to get attention is the population of Haitians currently in the US and who are obviously not going to be able to safely return home anytime soon. US immigration law actually has a system to handle precisely this situation. It's called Temporary Protected Status and it is available to individuals who are from country suffering armed conflicts, disasters, or other extraordinary conditions. The Secretary of Homeland Security is empowered to determine which countries are on the TPS list. People in TPS status...

    More... (

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  • sriswam
    12-05 03:51 PM
    I havn't gotten mine yet. Filed on Sept 11th at VSC. Check seems to have cleared though -according to the Attorney. However I guess the delay in my case is the exception rather than the rule.
    Funny thing is that we got the approval notice today! No receipt notice though.


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  • pcs
    01-25 09:38 PM
    Dear IV Friend & Your better half,

    IV does not support any abusive & insulting behaviour towards anyone incuding our worst adversary Lou Dobbs.

    Please remember, we do have some members from antiimmigrant groups like numberUSA, who have created similar siyuations in the past.

    Financial contribution is no doubt VITAL for our cause but we will never, I repeat never encourage any IV member to spoil their financial security to contribute towards IV. Please do not feel bad if you can not contribute ( we only feel let down by the people, who can contribute but do not do so)

    I would request both of you to spread good word about IV & get us some active members & that will be great.

    We are trying to POWER OF NUMBERS !!!!!!!!!!!

    So cheer up & get active

    Best wishes

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  • skp71
    04-02 11:58 AM
    Some good thing is going to happen for EB3 category or not? I hope all the efforts we put are not goin to waste...

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  • roseball
    03-12 06:33 PM
    Her employer is filing her H1 COS petition in premium processing, so I am hopeful it will be adjudicated within 15 days.

    One more thing you can do is that file your wife's H4 to H1 in regular processing and any subsequent H1/H4 transfer you would do can be filed in premium and get them approved. I am sure if H4 to H1 COS is filed in regular processing, it will surely take a minimum of 4 to 5 months to be processed.

    10-27 08:28 PM
    Isn't this bigger than the template image?

    06-24 06:43 PM
    nice job fellas, however grinch i think you mean "than" on your title for the galaxy one, since its being used as a measure of comparison :) other than that, great job.

    i got brich in this one!

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