Tuesday, June 7, 2011

new york rangers wallpaper

new york rangers wallpaper. Show off your New York Rangers
  • Show off your New York Rangers

  • yestogc
    05-01 07:53 PM
    Absolutely no issues, as long as you have a letter from same employer does not matter.

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  • New York Rangers iPhone

  • Aura M.
    03-24 03:40 PM
    My answer might be a little too pessimistic but I actually filed an appeal for a denied LC in Sep 2006. and as of today I still haven't heard from them. we tried calling and emailing them but they keep asking us to wait and they will get to it.

    sorry and good luck. please keep me updated if you hear something from them.

    Have you hear anything from your appeal? Please let me know.
    Thank you.

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  • Free new york rangers

  • Saralayar
    01-20 01:53 PM
    Looks Good.. Good job Admin.

    new york rangers wallpaper. MyColors New York Rangers
  • MyColors New York Rangers

  • vjkypally
    08-07 11:55 AM
    Can we remove this now tht we have had our laughs:) this way we know when the real one comes out:)))


    new york rangers wallpaper. of the New York Rangers
  • of the New York Rangers

  • member123
    09-24 03:26 PM
    I140 filed Apr 19 2007
    I140 Approved Apr 23rd 2007

    I485 filed ..on July 24th 2007 to TEXAS

    LUD on I140 08/05/2007

    wow the 140 filed on 4/19 and approved on 4/24 to TSC was it Premium Processing?
    never knew they can be this fast. as the minimum i was seeing was 5-6 mnths. does this have anything to do with how bid the company is and all?
    i have filed on the similar date and waiting for more than 6 mnths now to TSC regular processing.

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  • Henrik Lundqvist Wallpaper

  • sukhyani
    01-27 10:51 AM
    Birth Certificate didnt have my name and my stupid lawyer had not submitted the employment letter. We then submitted my parents' affidavit, school records and employment letter.

    Later on my case was transferred to National Benefits Center and now this interview.


    new york rangers wallpaper. NewYork Rangers - Photo Memory
  • NewYork Rangers - Photo Memory

  • davestar
    09-04 04:48 AM
    Last November I quit my job in the US and left the country as well. Two days ago, I received an email saying my 485 is approved, and card production was ordered. The card will go to an address in the US where someone can forward me the mail.
    What should I do? Try to enter the U.S. with the card? What to say to POE officials? WIll I be questioned?

    new york rangers wallpaper. New York Rangers I-Phone
  • New York Rangers I-Phone

  • ak_2006
    04-30 03:05 PM
    Thanks GC_ON_DEMAND for the quick update.


    new york rangers wallpaper. the New York Rangers looks
  • the New York Rangers looks

  • nk2006
    11-12 11:36 AM
    This is simply called pure selfishness.

    The way nk2006 misused IV resources for such a simple personal issue is unpardonable .

    Knowing that there are such people among 'highly educated' is disheartening.

    First of all its not 56K threads - created around 15. Idea is to create more awareness - someone suggested to propagate in state chapters. In most of state chapters - threads are not active - so posted in about 15 state chapters to get attention of any members who only follow state chapters.

    Second of all I am not affected. I am volunteering. I also volunteered and donated earlier for other efforts. I honestly thought that AC21 together with EAD is only good thing that happened to us in the last couple years and thought this campaign would maintain that status.

    new york rangers wallpaper. rangers wallpapers. new york
  • rangers wallpapers. new york

  • indyanguy
    06-29 07:28 PM
    Thanks for the reply. Here's why it becomes more complicated. I asked my attorney about starting a new EB2 process (I have a MS from US). However, the attorney says he doesn't recommend starting a new PERM process as he strongly believes that this will affect the current EB3 I-140 application. He feels that USCIS will look at the ongoing EB3 application and deem it unnecessary to approve it (as I would have applied for a different position for EB2). Hence I might lose my PD !!

    He suggests that I wait till my EB I-140 is approved. But that might take another year considering the slow NSC processing times!!

    Any suggestions?


    new york rangers wallpaper. new york rangers wallpaper.
  • new york rangers wallpaper.

  • ssss
    08-03 08:25 PM
    Forgetting passwds is normal, especially for IT guys :D

    new york rangers wallpaper. Ny Rangers Sean Avery Picture
  • Ny Rangers Sean Avery Picture

  • qualified_trash
    11-09 03:47 PM
    if you received the notice, then it is probably a courtesy notice. USCIS will only send the actual approval notice to your lawyer. so wait for the lawyer to let you know.


    new york rangers wallpaper. New York Rangers Wallpaper
  • New York Rangers Wallpaper

  • theoyilma
    09-10 03:03 PM
    Thanks dummgelauft

    My priority date is not current yet. There is a chance that my priority date will not be current even by the time my TN visa expires. So, that was the main problem I had. I know there is no way I can renew my TN visa ( since I-140 shows intent to immigrate). But, a HUGE misunderstanding I had, which you clarified for me, is that the 6 years
    H1B restriction will not apply on me once I have approved I-140. So, if my priority date is current before my TN expires, I will get my EAD. If my priority date is not current by the time my TN expires, I will have the option of getting H1B and continue to work until I adjust my status.

    What a relief !!!

    Thank you so much again !!!!


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  • Sreeshankar
    08-01 10:06 PM
    I guess, what Mr/Ms Desertfox has mentioned makes clear sense. It is better to have the I-94 with the valid parole stamp, when applying for FAFSA. One can go outside/re-enter and obtain the parolee or Paroled in to US stamp. Please consult with your attorney also, since the full details of your case is known to the attorney. Thanks.


    new york rangers wallpaper. New York Rangers (Team)
  • New York Rangers (Team)

  • eyeopeners05@yahoo.com
    04-30 02:25 PM
    I thought we could do a AC21 for h1b or EAD and your latest post suggests I cannot ?

    new york rangers wallpaper. new york rangers wallpaper.
  • new york rangers wallpaper.

  • chanduv23
    10-19 01:12 PM
    I am from Long Island. I am a name check victim. What can we do? Where and when can we gather?

    I have been looking for some help in mobilization in your area - lets discuss this offline.

    Send me your contact details and time to contact as a private message and we can discuss further steps.


    new york rangers wallpaper. The New York Rangers ended a
  • The New York Rangers ended a

  • immiindi09
    01-09 04:47 PM
    Will it count at renewal or new application?

    new york rangers wallpaper. new york rangers wallpaper.
  • new york rangers wallpaper.

  • kirupa
    07-20 08:45 PM
    What exactly do you dislike about it?

    new york rangers wallpaper. New-England Patriots -
  • New-England Patriots -

  • Almond
    11-11 05:29 PM
    Almond, even i used to think "so close and yet so far". but now have understood, i was never close to begin with...:(
    it is better to accept the reality than trying to live with fool's gold like i did for about 2-3 years...

    kartik, I am amazed by your priority date. Have you done infopass to see what the hold up is? Open the dictionary and you'll see us in the definition of "badluck" lol

    04-18 01:15 PM

    No need to worry if your employer is consulting company. If so, then in reply to USICS mention that you are employed by employer, but works/worked on different client sites for them which are in different states.

    Keep all your previous LCA ready or better attach copies of all with your reply. Not a big deal.

    I think its not a difficult RFE to respond. Consult your attorney for formal reply.

    @waitingmygc - What you are saying is plain garbage. The OP has all the more reasons to worry if his employer is a consulting company. These firms send their consultants to various client locations, but don't file for LCAs each time.

    @OP - It is very strange to see USCIS is going back to see if any LCA violation occurred at this stage of your application. You will need a good attorney on your side. Good luck!

    08-20 01:25 PM
    I would just wait out the 6 months for AC21 to kick in, then go to work for a reputable company. There's no need to sign on with a dicey consulting shop once you've got your EAD and AC21 is in play.

    Also, I believe the AC21 "same or similar job" constraint is more flexible than you're thinking. As long as you stay within the same o*net category (e.g., programmer or systems analyst or whatever), you should be fine. USCIS doesn't care whether you're a java programmer or a .net programmer. (But I am not a lawyer, you may want to clear any potential new job with a qualified attorney).

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