Wednesday, June 29, 2011

emma stone

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  • sidbee
    03-11 11:04 AM

    Please read this. if USCIS takes this seriously then we can expect some movement in coming visa Bulletins

    Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates, PLLC (

    U think USCIS doesn't know this ??? Creating this thread ,with the given title is just a waste of everyone's time,

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  • newyorker123
    06-11 09:54 AM
    Thanks xlr8r, anybody pls tell me
    Did I need to send my FOIA request to the following address apart from National Records Center ?

    Customs and Border Protection
    Burlington Human Resources Office,
    70 Kimball Avenue,
    South Burlington, Vermont 05403-6813

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  • soumya_bhatta
    03-23 07:33 AM

    Although my EAD has been approved long back, I haven't actually received the actual EAD card in hand because of an address related glitch. It is said they will re-send, but the delay is unbelievable. I have the A# from other correspondences.

    Under the circumstances, can I apply for a AC21.



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  • Blog Feeds
    06-17 08:30 PM
    From the LA Times: A �forgery-proof� worker ID card, secured with biometric data such as fingerprints, is a favored idea of the new chairman of the Senate immigration subcommittee, Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.). Schumer, who will lead the effort to craft the Senate�s comprehensive immigration reform legislation, has publicly espoused the card as the best way to ensure that all workers are authorized. �The ID will make it easy for employers to avoid undocumented workers, which will allow for tough sanctions against employers who break the law, which will lead to no jobs being available for illegal immigrants, which will...

    More... (


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  • clockwork
    09-19 07:58 PM
    0. Keep docs ready for MTR and once you receive the response from INS you should able to reply immed.

    Without denial notice, I am not sure what kind of documents are required for MTR response. This I-140 was denied even without any RFE. There is no clue to guess the reason for denial.

    1. is it consulting company?
    2. which center NSC/TSC?
    3. when did you apply I140 ?
    July 2nd 2007


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  • macrosky
    11-06 12:55 PM
    My 485 (based on NIW) is pending. Based on the current bulletin, it could take years to approve my case. I currently work in the US using H1 visa. But I may need to travel outside the US for 1 year or even longer for business reason. Is there any way that I can not abadon my 485 pending status? Thanks!


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  • Beemar
    12-08 08:56 PM
    Guess what! Feb 1995 bulletin is also out!!

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  • anilsal
    12-08 11:26 PM
    Getting name change while you are on Indian passport is a lot cheaper and easier than getting it done on US passport.

    You get the name changed in Indian passport. Then you need to get a new I797. USCIS notifies SSA, who will issue you a new SSN card (you cannot get ssn changed directly).

    I am not sure how much of this is an issue with GC process.


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  • kumar1
    12-05 07:32 PM
    1. Is it is consulting job? If yes then it does not matter. If it is a full time job, go for stability. You need to hold on to your job for quite a while.
    2 "Consider" is a dangerous word. Have them give you in writing when would they start the process. If they are not giving you in writing, believe me, they will never start the process.
    3. It is random. Consulting jobs tend to get more RFE.

    Good Luck.

    I got laid off recently.

    Now got job with 2 companies. 1 small and 1 big. 3 questions:
    (1) Should I select based on my salary? Big company offers more salary.
    (2) I have to now start Greencard again. So should I choose big company or small ? Both said they will consider sponsoring if performance is good.
    (3) If I transfer H1B Is Big company likely to get RFE or small?

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  • gc_dedo
    03-28 07:17 PM


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  • sivasankar_eppe
    07-17 08:54 PM
    My 140 filled on July 6th 2007 . No receipt yet . How to file 485 without 140 receipt ? Is there any solution for this ?

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  • gsc999
    04-05 04:05 PM
    I have sent an e-mail requesting the call number


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  • deeru
    04-02 12:55 PM

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  • krustycat
    01-09 04:50 PM
    Did you contact them?What did they say?Did you receive any EAD or AP because some people receive those even before getting receipt numbers???

    Yes, I contacted them several times. They only ask you to wait more.
    I also have sent two emails to DHS, CIS Ombudsman's office. They asked me to use a Form 7001.
    I sent the Form 7001 to CIS Ombudsman on Nov/07. I didn't even get a receipt confirmation from Ombudsman's office.
    I was able to open a service request after 5 months of waiting, on Dec/07. I'm still waiting for a reply about the SR.
    I faxed a letter to the service center.
    Nothing so far.
    It's seems like the package got lost (as well as my lawyer :p ).

    I just wanted to show you that there is more people in the same situation from July.
    Hang in there!

    Best of luck.


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  • itkris
    12-08 03:50 PM
    There's more important issue going on - read the forum and call senator's first !!
    I wish you could answer my question.

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  • kirupa
    09-28 07:43 PM
    No, you can't use JS to detect what permissions-level the logged-in user is running their OS on.



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  • cnachu2
    11-14 03:35 PM
    Hi All,

    I opened a service request with USCIS when my I485 was current in 09/08 and i got response saying that still investigation into my background remains open, so the case is not yet ready for decision. I filed my I 485 in August 2005 and in july 2007(then my file was current) also i was told that the background check is still going on.

    Now we know that if it has been more than 180 days after we file I485, no need to wait for background check to process the petetion. My intention is to get my file out of this loop by the time PD becomes current. If any one had this issue and got it resolved, please advise me how i can handle it.


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  • gcpool
    08-07 04:18 PM
    I think this is the standard message. The message told to me is below

    "All cases received before 2006 are being worked on. And cases filed later on might be worked on after 6 months."

    More over the lady sounded very pissed off.

    But if you go to there are cases filed later than sep 2006 getting approved.

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  • sumansk
    12-21 09:33 AM
    Nice article.. I wish they read it and change their opinion.The problem with these guys is that they just dont understand a legitimate difference between various shades of immigrants in this country..
    Suzuki XN85 (

    05-15 10:40 AM
    There are many people from Canada Commuting daily on H1. So it should be OK.

    Are they also getting new I-94 every time...:confused:

    02-29 07:54 AM
    thank you

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