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Toyota Hilux Sr5 2010

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  • milind70
    07-26 11:06 AM
    Something does not sound right here. How can the employer "misplace" the upper portion of the approval notice? In the first place, why did he even separate the upper portion and the lower portion? He is supposed to give you the entire document as a single piece of paper.
    Some thing really does not sound right here. By law, he is required to give you the approval notice.
    I believe that Uppoer portion of the notice is to be retained by the mployer but they usually make a copy and give you the entire 797 for stamping ,technically they are not supposed to give you the upper portion.

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  • pleaseadviseme
    09-23 07:01 PM
    First - she files the F-2 and H-4 applications, not you. She can only request a change to H-4 status after you activate your H-1B, if it approved as a notify as explained above. If the employer is filing as an automatic change of status, she should request the H-4 change with you. She will not be eligible for F-2 status after your F-1 ends.

    Thank you so much, you have been really helpful.

    My last question to you here... sorry to be so annoying. I just got a new notification from my employer, saying that he will file my h1b on feb 1st. (sucks), and "petition" for June activation on the visa. I don't know what does that mean, but could you please suggest me what should my wife do? i mean my f1 should ends on may 31st. and h1b will start on june 1st. but when should she start filing for h4? i heard that she will be legal once she filed the h4, but i don't know how long it takes for the uscis to know she filed the change of status petition. for example... can she file on may 31st?
    or is it even possible if i receive my h1b visa approval on April, and she files for H4 when i got the approval but petition for june 1st activation, same as me?
    because i really don't think my employer is willing to file for both of us. Thank you very much, Please let me know because we are making a decision sometime this week... thanks alot!

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  • vinabath
    06-13 10:41 AM
    Success Formula for EB2-I:
    1)- Get rid of all EB3 => EB2 conversions
    2)- Get rid of all Subs

    And there you go we have a fair FIFO system, but hey do our desi folks agree with this :eek: I bet they don't, when they themselves don't like FIFO and straightforward system and how come we expect USCIS to be straightforward and follow FIFO:confused:

    Moral of story: Hang in where you are, its already very complicated PD,RD, ND, Country cap, EB cat ... blah .... blah

    Nice point buddy..... every situation has work around solutions. like subs and eb3 - eb2 conversions. but people do need to sacrifice like.....

    Paying for the labor sub and working for greedy desi companies...

    and not all people are eligible for subs or conversions. Even if they are eligible they might not want to make sacrifices.....

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    04-16 04:13 PM
    1. Sell all my stuff.
    2. Transfer all my liquid money to home country.
    2. Rent a one way van in New York.
    3. Drive cross country with family and have fun. Meet all my friends on the way.
    4. Return the van in San Francisco, take one way ticket to India.
    5. Start a fresh life in India, free of immigration woes.
    6. May be use I-485 receipt in Air India toilet on the way home (might hurt a bit but that is OK).

    If after 10 years in this country, I-485 gets denied, I would not care for my H1-B status at all. I am speaking out of my heart, please do not give me red dots for that.[/QUOTE]

    I LIKE YOU... this is what I call going out with your head held up high!! Go Guru!!


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  • Toyota Hilux Sr5 Xtra Cab.

  • waitingnwaiting
    11-29 10:22 AM
    This is where our problem lies. People once they are greened completely forget the troubles and "never ever" look back. Many of us (either directly or as dependents) have been greened and have reached very high positions but never feel the need to help out. I am wondering whether it is because we have failed to ask their help??
    Instead on focussing on senators and congressmen/women (which IV members are already doing) would it be worthwile to prepare a list of influential (political, business, scientists) immigrants (particularly chinese and Indians) and then getting their help/input to our cause??

    First people who do not have greencard should support.
    Right now we do not even have 1% of those people part of IV

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  • snathan
    04-28 05:40 PM
    Until you know the reason for denial, its difficult to give any opinion. If you know the chances are very low if you are going for appeal, I would still advise you for that to get some time.

    1. When your appeal is pending you can use the approved PERM to get your H1B if you are beyond 6 years.
    2. If your I-140 is denied, it will trigger the I-485 denial.
    3. If your I-485 is denied, the EAD is become invalid. Then I am not sure about the AP status.

    I am not sure but think you can use EAD if you go for appeal...

    So its always good to have H1B as back up for EAD and AP. At least you will be in status.


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  • meet
    08-18 11:33 PM
    Thanks @
    vishwak and ashwaghoshk !!!

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  • learning01
    05-22 12:09 PM
    Keep checking every day or if possible atleast 4 times a day. They will release dates suddenly ( I don't know the rhyme or reason). One appointment for a family. You can add additional members right away. But once you pick a date, you CANNOT prepone or postpone. When you select the date of appointment, it will NOT ASK for CONFIRMATION; so please be sure of the date BEFORE HAND. Then you will proceed to type the 3 forms for each person going to the interview. For each person it takes atleast 20 min to fill the forms.
    To take another date you have to cancel your appointment. Your typed forms are lost. When you take another appointment, you have to type all over again. You have to cancel 48 hours before your appointment time in IST, otherwise you cannot cancel.
    Also check two more things:
    1) Emergency appointments can be booked for non-medical reasons , that is for visa extension. But please check this.
    2) You can prepone your date any number of times, but can postpone ONLY once. Check this if this is correct.
    If you need more info, please PM me. I am from South but took an appointment in New Delhi, but had to cancel it.
    I recently got my confirmation number from HDFC after paying $100 application fees. When I tried to take a date after filling out all the forms online on the vfs website,


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  • Leo07
    10-09 06:55 PM
    Basically, the VB just says that "Even though you waited for however number of years, gone through all the pains with employers, you are NO closer to getting GC than you were a month ago"

    How pathetic is our situation? Every time I think of it as the bottom,there is a new low next month? It's just a never ending tale.

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  • xlxoel
    06-03 02:30 PM
    I just got the RFE for the I-131 and they just asked for two pictures.
    I applied online and the asked me not to send anything, so now they requested these pics.

    I already sent them, so hopefully I'll get my travel document soon!


    Toyota Hilux Sr5 2010. Toyota HiLux SR5 4x4 Dual Cab
  • Toyota HiLux SR5 4x4 Dual Cab

  • UKannan
    04-23 01:03 PM
    I just got notice that my cards have been sent for production for my family and I with the exception of my 3 year old son. They have asked for an RFE for him. Has anyone come across this issue? I assume its something basic like photo or updated medical?? Please help.

    Post the RFE.

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  • ashkam
    07-19 02:39 PM
    Use this one, I USED IT!!. Really good. USCIS Format.

    I used this one as well. Had to pay 70 bucks + $25 for expedited shipping. If you use this one, check the translation (they email it to you) before they mail it to you. Mine had a lot of spelling mistakes.


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  • mariner5555
    05-15 11:32 PM
    wow I guess there is hope :)

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  • dressking
    09-29 11:47 AM
    Immigrants at USC have helped design a special randomization program for LAX security called ARMOR! Doctoral student, Pankaj Paruchuri, and his professor, Milind Tambe, have designed this special program that will help National Security and enhance the security for all of us!

    A Random Weapon in the War against Terror (http://

    I can bet that the Doctoral student himself must have faced Backlog/ Retrogression at some time! I do not know him, but I think IV should contact him!

    I am sorry to offend some of you by bringing up this subject again. But I think we are just asking for acknowledgement for the contribution we have made when we were attending graduate programs in the US. It was a lot of over time and hard work with literally no payment other than money for room and board. Some may get their names attached to the paper that is published and get their Green Cards quicker for that. But some don't.


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  • AmitBohra
    04-17 10:23 AM
    Hi Gurus,
    Been a IV member from a decent amount of time and appreciate all the hard work done by you guys. Only thin i could contribute was monthly $50. Anyways got a quick question.

    I have a 485 filed under eb2 and have my EAD , FP done and AP. i140 is approved. I will be gettting married to my finance in few months and she is born with golden spoon and of course US citizenship. So the question i have is Can i amend my employment based 485 to the I-130 petition? This way i dont have to file a new 485 for marriage.


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  • logiclife
    04-28 01:36 PM
    Thanks for your contributions.

    All of IV's funds have been used to pay for lobbying, advertising on rediff(not anymore), organization registration, mailbox, domain name registration mainly.

    Travel, food, rental cars, hotels for core groups members is not being charged to immigration voice's account and its coming from out-of-pocket of core group.

    Just wanted to clarify.



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  • FredG
    July 18th, 2004, 07:34 PM
    First I want to learn to take more pictures. I never seem to have the urge, opportunity and camera all in the same place at the same time.

    I also would like to learn what to take pictures of. I am obviously limited by the capabilities of my Cybershot and circular polarizer. What kinds of photographs, subjects and conditions should I concentrate on so that I can take pictures I will be pleased with?

    I live in Houston.
    BrandonYou have to provide the motivation. The opportunity is everywhere you look.

    You will do best taking pictures of things you like. You will put more of yourself into it, and it will show. Whatever equipment you have is sufficient to start climbing that learning curve. When you outgrow it, you will know it and upgrade.

    Houston? Sorry, I didn't read your profile earlier. We just happen to call the same town home. Let's hook up some time. Send me a PM.

    On OPT H1 approved. Emergently need H1 transfer before Oct2008 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : On OPT H1 approved. Emergently need H1 transfer before Oct2008

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  • akhilmahajan
    04-13 01:35 PM
    AFAIK, for summer the courses can be part time. This was the case back in 2001 when i went for my masters.

    Please check this with the school and your wife can take one evening class and be enrolled for atleast 3-4 months and move on to the F-1 Visa. Community college will be a good place to start, as she will not be spending a lot of money also.

    I hope this helps. All the best.


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  • gcformeornot
    05-27 06:37 PM
    for Paper filing as there no FP in required.
    I worte L1-B as my current immigration status, as I am still working on L1-B and not used EAD. Hope it helps.

    05-13 09:50 AM
    I have no question about that. The immigration intent was proven at the time he filed 140.
    But intent is not something which stays forever.

    In another way, even after filing 485 (or even after GC), staying outside of US for lengthier period of time itself is considered as an intention not to permanently stay in US, and can be used as a reason to revoke GC. So in a way USCIS interprets long absence from US as an intention of not immigrating (even if it is for a completely separate cause).

    I know that one of my friends parents after getting GC, revoked them, and later wanted to visit their son and got approved for visitor visa.

    I know it may not be easy, but all I am saying is "it is NOT a closed door". The argument should be "intent was there but not now". And it is on the applicant's shoulder to prove, "why not now".

    "immigrant intent" is proven/shown when and if one files "immigrant petition"

    Robert Kumar
    01-26 07:10 AM
    Which US consulate did you apply? Do you already have H1B on your passport? I think the best option will be to approach your employer and have them sort this issue out. Sometimes, the consulate will request for some additional information from the employer and once they get this information, they will issue the visa.

    Good luck!

    I too think requesting the employer to take the action, with their lawyer. If they are good, and with no issues, they must initiate this and fix it,
    but if they are not good, they may withdraw at this point and may feel "lets not get into more headaches"... in which case you may not pursue further.
    I can imagine how it feels, belv me, yet, keep looking and dont give up

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