Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • anilsal
    01-20 01:59 PM
    everyone is excited about the new look. But not fun to see so many threads on the same. Maybe we can use one thread. :)

    It is a free country. You can do as you wish. ;)

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  • shana04
    02-17 04:24 PM
    Can I invoke AC21 by using H1-B transfer?

    Enjoy your life, but do it careful.

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  • shana04
    01-26 12:26 PM
    I am in the same boat and need to get my address updated. So what I understand from above posts is that there is no need to do paper based AR11 and can just do it online for I-485, EAD as well as AP, right?? Once done, just keep printouts for records , thats it???

    Can someone please confirm.

    one thing to notice is that you get soft lud's with in one week

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  • greyhair
    07-01 07:43 AM
    Recently I started looking other options in India, Britain, Canada and Australia.

    Here is what I found just in last 1 week.

    Britain puts new cap on non-European high skilled immigration
    United Kingdom, Immigration, Coalition Government Announces Temporary Migration Cap - Newland Chase - 30/06/2010, Government & Public Sector, Labour and Employment, Immigration (
    Non-EU immigration to the UK: the statistics visualised | UK news | (

    The federal government is seeking a limit on the total number of applications for Canada immigration to 20,000 annually
    Canada to welcome high skilled and wealthy immigrants | Canada Updates (

    Australia announced new visa ruler to target Indians
    New visa rules not targeting Indians: Oz envoy - World News - IBNLive (

    This may be the result of global economic slowdown. But China and India are allowing more immigration. Now high skill immigration is a new measure of future economic growth.


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  • myGC_0507
    05-17 08:30 PM
    3 years visa. It is not a startup company but not very big company. She is not into software.
    But does she got 3 years while transferring H1? Is she transfer through a startup company?


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  • hibworker
    11-04 11:02 AM
    You will not know until I-140 is filed as the preference category is requested on I-140 and not on the PERM.


    My labor was approved recently but i am not sure wheather it is approved under eb2 or eb3.Attorney is trying to keep me in dark and saying every time you have to contact to your employer only we will not provide the details.My employer is saying your is eb2 in oral only,but when i am trying to ask him in email he is calling to me and saying your's category is eb2 only.Can you guys help me out how to find it out my category is eb2 or eb3,and he send me a pdf document,it is saying

    the department of labor has made a determination on your application for permanent employment certification(ETA form 9089) pursuant 20 CFR �656.24 and as required by the immigration and nationality act,as amended.

    Form ETA 9089 has been certified and is enslosed.This certification must be attached to the I-140 petition and filed with the appropriate office of the united states citizenship and immigration services(USCIS).

    Can some one please help me to find my case is wheather it is EB2 or EB3?

    Thanks in Advance.


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  • newh1user
    01-29 06:03 PM
    I have little different problem here, I got my approval in 7 cal days so which is good and now I have start working with new employer so all good..

    Now new employer wants me travel to Europe for some official work for 1 week and since my passport stamp is on my old employer and approval notice is new employer so do you guys think it would be an issue?

    please let me know what all document etc I should carry during re entry?
    appreicated your help.


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  • thomachan72
    11-05 03:00 PM
    Dude, if you find it difficult to digest, then don't do it with your kid. Its that simple.
    A debate on this is probably not warranted, as its subjective to every individual's situation.

    And btw, both my kids live with me, but they travelled with someone else to spend their vacation at grand-parent's house, so I am not trying to oppose your viewpoint.

    This is an infant we are talking about (less than 2 years!).....:o:o:o


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-12 10:37 AM

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  • desi3933
    02-23 03:20 PM
    QUESTION 1: Can my wife extend her H1-B (beyond 6th year) based on her pending I-485?


    Question: When I am at the port of entry, I will have my old H1-B valid for 2 more months and also the visa stamp valid for 2 more months, but a new H1-B I-797 is already approved. Will this cause a problem?

    Refer to my previous post on this thread.

    Not a legal advice


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  • ras
    08-01 08:07 PM
    I guess people are willing to shell out few extra hundreds as long as it expedites the process. Anyway thousands are being spent on attorney's instead if all this money goes to USCIS, atelast things gets done faster. Ofcourse the string attached to this is that the money should be spent for improving process rather than fattening the pockets of few. I am also told that most of the fee money goes towards the Border security ( May be taking money from legal applicants to curb illegals)

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  • va_labor2002
    06-17 12:53 PM
    Once the Core team drafts a letter we can send that....

    Any comments from Core Team Members ? Is it possible to send ? Who is going to draft a letter ?


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  • miamivice4u
    04-10 07:40 AM
    But he can not loose our hopes, remember this, for the american people legal inmmigration is Green Card holders, if you are a temporary worker is like they are telling you hurry up pack your things and get back to your place, and the congress will try to work legal and illegal immigration at the same time, probably they will increase visas, but anyways the point is who is making noise in the streets? illegals and their supporters. In my case i contact my senator and my congressman every month asking to please help with comprehensive immigration reform, to help us to create legislation on name check so we do not have to wait years, and well all of them are republicans but all of them are immigrants so they know our pain.

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  • sidd
    07-04 10:44 AM

    Here is my experience. I attended interview at Chennai Consulate on 06/23/08 (H1 approval notice - 2006). Got my passport back in 2 days. No PIMS delay as my info was already in their system. My daughter (H4 approval notice - 2006 and principal applicant is my husband) attended the interview on the same day. However, her info was not available in PIMS. They kept the passport and said it will be sent within a week. I sent an email (to on 07/02. They sent a reply asking me to contact them again in 3 days. By God's grace, she received her stamped passport on 07/04.

    Now, answers to your questions:

    Chennai appointments slots are normally open 3-4 weeks in advance. Make an appointment accordingly.

    I think the info is added to PIMS on a routine basis. Making an appointment does not seem to have any effect. If, on the day of your interview, your info is there in PIMS, it is there. Otherwise, you will have to wait till the time they add it.

    I normally go to Chennai as that is my regional consulate.

    I am not aware of any specific way to make them add your info to PIMS (if it is already not there) before you actually attend the interview.

    We have always followed one very successful strategy in all our visa dealings with US consulate namely, PRAY TO GOD.

    All the very best for your interview.

    Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert on visa stamping procedures or on any of the issues discussed above. These are all my opinions/assumptions only purely based on my experience.

    Hi sk76012w,

    Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience. I would really appreciate if you can reply to my couple of questions:

    1. Was it a H1B renewal for yourself?
    2. Your approval notice was approx. for which month of 2006?
    3. As I can make out, your daughter attended the interview with the H1 Approval Notice of your husband? And that means, the information for your husband's H1 petition was not there in PIMS. Am I right here? Can you please let me know which month/year your husband's approval notice was for?



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  • bobzibub
    10-15 11:32 AM
    AILA has asked USCIS that question 6 months ago.
    USCIS has not answered the question.
    That is why some lawyers say yes, some say no. They don't know what USCIS will say.

    I've emailed the ombudsman to get USCIS to answer and give a legal basis for their answer too.

    We deserve to know.

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    03-09 09:50 AM
    For those of you waiting on your pending I485 following a successful EB2->EB1 upgrade, it took me a little over a month after my I140(EB1) was approved late Jan, and only 3 weeks after the upgrade request was mailed to USCIS (relevant timeline is in my signature below). I received the "Welcome to USA" notice (for me and my wife) yesterday in my mailbox. Also, there was no prior LUD change or email notification (maybe they want to hit us with the good news, after causing so much heartburn). We had one (medical) RFE last year, because we skipped medicals while rushing our I485 petition to beat July 2 ('07) deadline.

    A big THANK YOU shoutout to IV leaders who do the heavy lifting day-in and day-out for others like us, and hearty wishes to those of you waiting for a looooong time to get through this stage (this is my 10th year in US, but I sort of lazed around on my H1 until the fag end, when my friends forced me to shake a butt and initiate my "GC journey" early '06).

    [ps. while I hesitate to say it here, I am committing $200 to IV just so others, who like me have benefited from IV's actions (both directly, such as "July-2 reversal", "2-yr EAD", "quick answers to urgent questions" etc, as well as in other intangible ways), make a similar gesture of appreciation after getting their GC]

    Stuck(no longer)InTheMuck


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  • uslegals
    11-12 08:59 AM
    thanks desertfox ! i I did apply before July 30, 2007 (recd. date for 485 is 7/17/07) which means that i do have to pay the fees for AP. I will go ahead and apply online.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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  • priderock
    09-17 03:21 PM
    Looks like no one is accepting my apologies :( maybe they will all come to DC and beat me up instead

    That means no one was really offended by you. :)

    You did well.

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  • pappu
    07-17 09:44 AM
    IF everyone contributes an average of $200, we will have $ 4 million and IV WILL have all the resources to resolve all of our problems.....

    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ???????????



    Wow I did not realize we are now 20K + strong. This is incredible. The stronger we are the better we can do with our advocacy efforts.

    10-26 03:36 PM
    I got my AP approved. We were not asked for any such proof.

    09-17 06:58 AM

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