Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-17 09:01 PM
    the problem is if it works

    Me too! But this can only happen in dreams :p

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  • eb3India
    04-09 12:47 PM
    President Bush is talking about CIR in Arizona, before the talk on MSNBC there was interesting discussion on whatz coming for CIR

    itz that time again guys I see this as a kickoff from whitehouse on STRIVE and immigration reform,

    will update here as it goes by,

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  • MatsP
    February 15th, 2005, 02:46 AM
    I have no knowledge of Nikon's lenses.

    But really no-one but you can tell what lens you may need. It depends completely on what your photography style, subjects and conditions are. Same as if I asked you what car I should buy: If I like to drive fast on mountain roads, a sporty model would be great. If I have five kids that need taking to school every day, I need a minivan. If I work as a builder and need to transport material, a proper van or truck is what I need, etc, etc.

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    A 100mm (or thereabouts) macro lens is always a good thing, as it allows you to take close-ups, and can double as a portrait lens and any other duty where a 100mm lens is appropriate.

    Think about the situations where your photography has been limited because the lens wasn't doing what you needed it to do, and figure out what lens would do the job for you. Then figure out how to afford it. ;-)


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    02-10 12:46 PM
    I am working as FTE (no client). Our office physically moved to a new address within the same Metro area. There is no change in wage requirement as per flcdatacenter. In fact, flcdatcenter consider this as same division.

    You should be good Krish


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  • surabhi
    07-13 01:08 PM
    I took infopass to clarify my situation with 2 I-485, different A#, and one I-140.

    The IO verified and told me that both Apps have been merged and keying in either A# has brought back both Appslications. There was a LUD few weeks before I took infopass. I think it may have been because of merge.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-26 04:32 PM
    only Pappu / LogicLife could change the poll questions at this time. They have already changed some.

    Interesting poll. I have a small suggestion, though.. If you want unbiased data, you cannot ask leading questions on any survey. For instance, if you ask "Are you a free-rider?", and you are clearly conveying what is the "right" answer.
    Ask very neutral questions on the poll. Also, make it anonymous to encourage participation. Pare down questions so that they are distinct and mutually exclusive.
    At least that way you'll get better data to work with for analysis.


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  • masti_Gai
    01-05 02:54 PM
    Oh i didn't know about this. Good I can tell my buddies who keep pestering me to help them in their intention of changing their status when ever they come here on Business visit.:)

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  • Humhongekamyab
    02-24 02:39 PM
    For those who think that this is good and will not affect them -

    What we are hearing now in the news is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just ground work to justify tougher measures against employment based immigration. If it continues, CIR will be passed giving path to citizenship to ILLEGAL immigrants without any measure for employment based immigration. Remember, the only folks who have been in influential position to support EB immigration has been big businesses (like Microsoft, Oracle) and AILA. With the rising unemployment rate, nobody will listen to these businesses. With the indictment of (even a few) cases of H-1B fraud, AILA will not be able to fight the impending tsunami against legal employment based immigrants.

    If we don't do anything illegals will be citizens while people with H-1 and even EAD will be forced to go back.

    Can't agree more. This is how it starts - Divide and Rule. First it was the TARP recipients only. Next will IT companies. Then it will be EAD and maybe finally the Green Cards.


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  • mdmd10
    08-29 08:37 AM
    yes...good idea! If those ignorant buffoons from NumbersUSA can spread false propaganda...why not spread the light.

    The truth will set everyone free.

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  • chanduv23
    10-09 06:54 AM
    We have some excellent volunteers from Long Island and we would want more activity from this area.

    Please volunteer for local meetings. PM me if you are interested, I will drive over to your place if we can gather enough crowd and do a meeting


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  • roseball
    04-20 02:04 PM
    I dont think there is any need to apply for amendment in premium processing as long as you file the amendment before your current I-94 expires (which in your case is the date of EAD expiry).....I would suggest you to check with some other lawyer too regarding this because $1000 is not a small amount....

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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-20 01:32 PM
    "We are beneficiaries of an EB3 petition"

    Isn't that the biggest issue with several of us! :)

    Beneficiary of EB3????? OP is making a cruel joke too aside from starting a game seeking smart guys for a date

    Has anyone benefitted from filing in EB3?

    Victims of EB3 petition is correct.


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  • obviously
    02-06 11:24 AM
    Pay rises are OK as long as they within range for the job classification in which you work. Only trigger point is when someone takes a drastic pay cut: usually an indicator of fraud / sham-companies.

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  • maximus777
    05-06 03:44 PM
    bring it on pa, ut, tx (although backing away)
    the more the merrier! This certainly will bring the debates nationally all the time.
    More # of states want to pile on, fed has to step in - with a ferocious appetite :d



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  • deardar
    09-29 01:39 PM
    Thank you

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  • aroranuj
    08-20 11:57 PM
    I would appreciate it if someone can give me some advise...I need to file my EAD renewal & refuse to pay insane amounts of money to my attorney...


    I am filing for my EAD renewal and had a quick question...I have an EAD card from when I was in college and did my OPT. The problem though is that I do not have some of the details that they ask for while filing EAD renewal, such as what Center was it processed at & what was the application date.

    I have already called USCIS & they cant pull up what center my EAD was filed at or the date it was filed. Can anyone suggest what I should do in this situation? What do I put in the form? Does anyone have similar experiences?


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  • gangster
    07-17 12:14 AM _businessweek+exclusives

    Latest article says Protests pay off.

    Way to go IV!!!!

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  • GreenMe
    12-03 01:13 PM
    Thanks for quick replies.

    The reason for my concern is our Company lawyer has been getting calls from almost every person who went to India that they are either receiving 221G or getting denied.

    Four of my co-workers are stuck due to administrative processing. But none of them attended Mumbai Consulate. My company has suggested that consulates are harassing people for no clear reason and hence should avoid India Travel for next few months.

    Please continue to share your experiences.

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  • sunshine2007
    08-27 04:57 PM
    Sad to see this friend. I dont think it affects principal candidate's processing but dependant's processing may be in trouble.

    thanks for you understanding....i don't want her processing to be closed. if we're divorces can her processing still be on?

    05-31 06:10 PM
    If I remember my Uncle's word correctly, it was Ted Kennedy who was instrumental in relaxing (changing) the rules for future immigrants in 60 or 70's. Only then, we saw a huge increase in immigrants from India especially doctor's and engineers in 60's & 70's.

    Obtaining Green cards (or permanent resident stamps in the passport) at the port of entry if you had a degree in medicine or engineering and a job offer from an American company. Of course the total population of Indians in the US even until the late 80s was about 900 thousand. Only when the tech boom started in 1993-94 did immigration especially from India go up rapidly.
    Also unlike now, a H1B was strictly for 6 years, no extensions until you spent 1 year outside the country and came in on a fresh petition.

    07-07 12:46 PM
    Invite the Senators to this meeting.

    Make them come since we pay Taxes. That way , they know that there is legal Immigration Community .

    Invite the Heads of DMV so that they can address our driving problems

    Invite SSN people local heads.

    When we do this, we can pay for their expenses to join us in that meet.

    I am open to it. Not only by contribution but also working.

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