Wednesday, June 1, 2011

love and lost quotes

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  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Jul 31, 06:34 AM
    Er... New Zealand (and Australia, et al) will be in August before Japan.

    Still 35mins to go.

    O yea, the New Zealand...
    How can I forget that.
    Anyway here's mine. (
    Wallpaper (

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  • ashcarn
    Apr 22, 09:16 PM
    My mac is 31 months old and I just brought a external harddrive to back it up among other things. The harddrive needs to be reformitted (its a WD Elements 1.5 TB) and I can not find my disk utility anywhere. I went to applications -utilities and I can not find it. Where can I find my disk utility? How can I recover it? Thanks in advanced.

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  • tsvb
    Nov 29, 09:20 AM

    I was curious as to why we can no longer click on a sub-forum link? If I am currently in the "Site and Forum Feedback" forum and want to go to the "Mac Community" sub-forum I cannot, it will only allow me to go back to the main index.

    A little confusing I know. Please see the screenshot, I would like to be able to click on the highlighted link.

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  • CaoCao
    Apr 15, 08:11 PM
    And that concerns you how??


    Double wow, without a disclaimer from you.

    I do believe your time here would be better spent somewhere else.


    You don't care if Europe collapses? Not even a teensy bit that our allies are going to fail?

    Not my words, hence the quotes


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  • icedd
    Dec 10, 04:10 PM (


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  • londonmystery
    Jun 18, 04:09 PM
    have a personal shop booked for 10am, so will be gone by 11, I hope.


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  • bigrobb
    Aug 12, 10:14 PM
    here is mine

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  • Skika
    Mar 23, 11:06 AM
    He really is a character! Has a bit of that mad scientist/genius vibe to him.


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  • Designer Dale
    Apr 10, 04:55 PM
    According to the DA page, Corel Painter and Adobe PhotoShop. And a ton of talent.


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  • macbookpro45
    Jun 20, 12:36 PM
    Yeah...looking to see what time you're getting there / if you want to meet up and coordinate broom breaks or whatever. pm me or post here.


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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Mar 25, 11:04 AM
    iPod Touch 5G with GPS and maps for europe, asia and north/south-america please!


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  • nobunaga209
    Apr 14, 11:56 AM

    No one ones the amount of d*** I would suck, or people I would kill, to get behind the wheel of an GT-R35....

    If only... If only...

    Completely disgusting...however, and off the record, I concur. ;)


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  • kgarner
    Sep 16, 04:08 PM
    This is being discussed pretty heavily in the games forum. A mod may want to combine this thread with those.

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  • Cepe Indicum
    Jan 9, 04:54 PM
    I'm with both sides on this argument.

    Not the best Keynote I've ever seen, but then again, with such an impressive device like the iPhone (and I think most people are agreed on that), it would have been a very long Keynote if Steve had demo'd Leopard features as well. :rolleyes:

    I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt, and wait for an announcement of another 'special event' in the near future. :) Hope so anyway.

    Kind of a bitter-sweet day for me.


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  • ten-oak-druid
    May 1, 11:51 AM
    This sounds good but here is what i run in to
    1. I can fit all the media on my imac ( after 3TB) for streaming via itunes and AirVideo
    2. External Drives are not backed-up via time machine

    I dont trust the drobo for anything but time machine after my recent close call with it.
    I currently do monthly backups to sata drives that sit on a shelf when not in use this is a pain but loosing many dollars of media is worse

    Are there dives bigger than 3TB to install on my imac?

    I use time machine for my internal drive. And for the media on my external drives I use superduper. There are other similar apps out there. I bought two 2TB drives for this purpose. I tried to set up a RAID with disk utility and it kept crashing during set up and I would have to go through a few steps to recover access to the one drive each time. I realized cloning was the safer bet.

    For me, the 2TB will serve my needs until about the time thunderbolt drives are reasonably priced and I'll upgrade speed and size at that point.

    I wonder if Apple will allow external drives to be used in this icloud system. They do not allow it for time machine so perhaps they will follow the same pattern.

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  • shakerhead
    Dec 15, 03:56 PM
    That makes sense. Thank you iPhone1105.


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  • Dbrown
    Apr 22, 10:53 PM
    ?Because there will usually be an app available for both. It's not the os being different. It's screen size and resolution that there is distinction.
    They are basically the same, just slightly different layout for the iPad.

    What you're saying makes no sense. If they're the same, why do they need different versions of the same application? Do different versions of the same application exist for the different flavors of windows 7? Are there different versions of the same application for laptops and desktop computers?

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  • Analog Kid
    Nov 29, 12:29 PM
    People who pirate movies wouldn't have bought the movie in the first place.
    I don't think I completely agree with that... Yeah, there are some who will pirate just because it's free, but there are also those who will do it because it's the only way to get content in the form they want it in. Back before iTMS, Napster was the only game in town for digital downloads.

    Regardless of how people feel about copyright, if their only access to flexible content is the black market they'll go there.

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 20, 11:36 AM
    [WARNING: Faith-based opinion]

    As a Buddhist, I believe that the mental state one has when they die provides the direction for their mind in their next life. Therefore, I support life in prison in order to give the convicted killer every opportunity to improve their mind and realize the error of their actions before they die. It's for both their benefit and the benefit of every being they encounter in their next life.

    [/WARNING: Faith-based opinion]

    I've argued with Christians on a similar point. Shouldn't they allow the killers to have the rest of their natural lives to accept Jesus as their savior? And by executing them, we're saying to Jesus, "in your face! We decide, not you!"

    Apr 27, 04:01 PM
    yawn. how many more stories about this stupid "location tracking".

    Apr 7, 12:54 PM
    They sure are sending out bug fixes like crazy. I want iOS 5, and Mac OSX Lion.

    What makes you think that they're better? ;)

    Oct 14, 08:31 AM

    May 1, 05:42 AM
    Oh my goodness, the irony.


    Of all the people to worry about the "me" factor. :p

    Apr 8, 11:34 PM
    I have really been thinking of finally getting an iPhone.. but after hearing all these battery issues I am starting to think otherwise. IDK.. we'll see. At least its not as bad as the Thunderbolts 3-4hr battery!! LOL!! Thats just pathetic.

    My iPhone 4 battery at first was TERRIFIC. 4.3 & 4.3.1 ********* things up. Now people ask me why I have a charger with me all the time.

    Btw: it's not hardware cause the change in battery life is not minimal, it's ENORMOUS and a new iPhone didn't fixed it. Go figure again. :mad:

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