Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • mariner5555
    01-24 01:48 PM
    Hi all,
    will appreciate a reply ..I had changed my wifes last name to our married last name (in SSN). her EAD and 485 is in her maiden last name.
    will this create an issue when we renew her EAD ? I wanted to renew with our married last name.

    Thanks in advance

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  • butterchicken
    04-28 02:10 PM
    DOL Proposed Legislation for Labor Certification

    In an attempt to clamp down on fraud in the labor certification application process, the Department of Labor (�DOL�) has proposed regulations, which would impact both pre-PERM and PERM filings. The proposal includes requiring employers to pay for all costs and fees associated with a labor certification application. The penalties for violating this proposal include denial of the labor certification, revocation, debarment, or any combination. Debarment means an employer can not file a labor certification application for up to three years.

    A labor certification application would also have a limited validity period. Currently a labor certification application is valid without limitation unless it is revoked or withdrawn. Under the proposed regulations, an employer must file an immigrant petition with the CIS within 45 days of the labor certification application approval. For applications which have already been certified, an employer must file within 45 days of the enactment of final rule implementing the regulations. If the labor certification application is not filed within this timeframe, it will expire and can not be used to support an immigrant petition.

    The proposed regulations also prohibit substitution. Substitution occurs when an employer has an approved labor certification application, but the individual that was originally listed in the labor certification application is no longer being sponsored. An employer could �substitute� a new employee into the labor certification application if the new employee met the minimum requirements listed in the labor certification application at the time the application was initially filed. Concerned that substitution encouraged fraud, DOL proposes to eliminate substitution.

    Finally, the proposed rule prohibits a labor certification application to be sold, bartered or purchased. If an individual or entity is found to have engaged in this kind of transaction, the labor certification application can be denied, revoked, debarment, or any combination.

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  • guy03062
    08-20 07:16 PM
    PD EB-2 Inida: June 2005
    I-140 AD: July 6, 2007
    I-485 RD: July 2, 2007, NSC
    I-485 ND: Aug 1, 2007, NSC
    I-485 AD: ??

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  • perm2gc
    09-01 09:49 AM
    I am in the process of changing job. The new employer is saying that I can start working with them from the very next day, after they file H1B transfer application. ie I don't have to wait for the receipt. Is this true? They are asking me to give 2 weeks notice immediately so that by the time they file H1B, 2 weeks will get over, and I can start there immediately.
    Please reply its kind of urgent for me.

    It is always good to wait until you get the Receipt Notice..You never know what will happen..Dont take Chances with USCIS..


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  • kaarmaa
    08-14 11:06 PM
    Further, this proposed rule would remove an alien’s reliance on the Visa Bulletin to determine visa availability and therefore eligibility to file for I-485. Instead, the rule will propose that USCIS utilize a registration process for intending adjustment of status applicants by requiring an applicant to file a registration packet after the granting of an immigrant petition and prior to visa availability, based on the use of “qualifying dates” established by DOS

    Interesting. The way I understand this is - EB applicants need not wait for PD to be current to file I-485 application. However, the news article does not give any clear details on the actual processing or its source.

    I would definitely prefer an EAD over waiting. Lets see..

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  • cooldude
    08-03 09:54 PM
    Today nebraska issued total 4234 cases which includes all kinds of applications.
    last Lin numuber is lin0722554234


    How do you know??


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  • MrWaitingGC
    09-08 07:18 PM

    I like the way you implemeted the voting. But when my friend tried to vote he cannot see radio buttons to vote. Even I cannot see. Can you please check.

    Please implement PD and Dependents ASAP. Stick this link on main page so that we can refer easily to our friends.

    This will be sure a success down the line

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  • marty
    01-09 11:46 AM

    That's a good idea. I've already initiated the contact with the congressman for our area. Would keep the forum updated about how it goes.


    Thanks and I really appreciate it. No one knows whats happening to the processing times since the FY 2009 started. We really need to do something about it.


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  • coolpal
    02-17 05:45 PM
    I am a july filer too.. but neither me nor my wife ever received FP notices... not even the first time.
    My lawyer and myself contacted USCIS several times over the phone and each time they opened a case for review and replied saying they'll contact me if they need anything.

    Anyone else in the same situation as mine?


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-28 12:48 PM
    Using AP does not necessarily mean that one is using the EAD. It is just a document that allows you to travel when needed.

    Elaine you can correct if I am wrong ? I had a question though... say the H1-B is valid for more than 1 year but if AP is used the I-94 given would be of only 1 year, should we then extend the I-94 or is our H1-B valid till the duration it is approved for..

    The I-94 stays valid as long as you stay working for that employer. Even though you entered using the AP, CIS has said that you can work pursuant to the underlying H-1B status.


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  • GotGoose?
    04-08 02:59 PM
    What do you mean by the text needs more work?
    I'm a beginner so I try to learn where I can.

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  • subarashi_indo
    11-30 08:32 AM
    I have a passport expiry and new visa stamping conflict. My last visa stamping expired on Oct 01, 2009. And my current (Indian)passport expiration date is July 04, 2011. Also, my H1b approval is under the transfer process (so I don't have the new I-797 as yet). I'm planning to travel to India sometime in January, expecting the new H1b approval soon now.

    Should i get my passport renewed here before leaving for India ? I'm worried if they will give me a new passport valid only for a year as a note on the website says "A passport is also issued for one year in cases of expiry of valid U.S. residence visa. In such cases, applicants have to apply for extension of validity as soon as valid U.S. Residence visa is approved. There is no fee for extension of validity of passport."

    Since my last visa stamping has expired and I will soon have a new H1B, if i go for a new visa stamping, will I be given a visa with validity until my passport expiry ? Or, I can get my passport renewed in India and then go for the stamping? I'm afraid I may not have enough days to squeeze in both when I visit. Or, if i get my passport renewed here, are they going to give me a new passport only valid for a year since I don't have any valid visa stamping but a valid I797?
    Please advise.
    Thank you.


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  • desi485
    02-25 05:39 PM
    The title of this thread should be: "God of Cricket".

    Don't believe me... Just Google ( with these words.:)

    "Former England skipper Nasser Hussain said the knock - the first-ever 200 in the 50-over game - should settle the debate on who is the greatest of all time, Tendulkar or Don Bradman.

    "I have never liked comparisons between great players, but after Wednesday's incredible game it must be said Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest of all time," Hussain wrote in Daily Mail."

    I think that 'Sir Don Bradman' should be called Australia's 'Sachin Tendulkar' :rolleyes:

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  • razors_edge
    09-06 12:51 PM
    It is true. You can start working with new employer from the very next day, after they file H1B transfer application. i.e. you don't have to wait for the receipt.


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  • vish77
    08-01 08:57 PM
    My wife's federal loan got approved with expired I94 stamped as parole

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  • chakjobs
    12-23 12:33 PM
    Hi All,

    Could any please provide some insight about the companies "Unemployment Wage report" for the state of California?

    This is the only query as stated in the 221(g) form got from Chennai embassy for your reference.
    "State Unemployment Wage Reports, showing all wages paid to each employee in the state, for the past two quarters as filed to State of California (This should not be payroll reports, but the actual forms filed to the State authorities listing each employee and wages paid during the quarter.)"

    Could you please provide me the exact form name and number to submit through the dropbox. Also some explanation if possible on how the form will look like in order to track it down?

    Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

    Happy Holidays!
    All the very best to all of you.

    Thanks & Regards,


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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-20 05:10 PM
    What exactly does "OP" stand for?

    Om Prakash

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  • augustus
    07-02 03:59 PM
    I called Fox news too. They said they will investigate and see how they can fit the news. PLEASE CALL NEWS CHANNELS> PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. THEY NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY DID TO US

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  • madhusrini
    05-31 04:58 PM

    I-140 Approved : OCT 2004
    I140/I485 concurrently filled : APR 2004

    Currently have EAD and AP

    Status : Married : Adjustment of Status Pending for Both

    Did any body get their green cards because of the recent movement of eb3 dates.


    08-21 09:24 AM
    I am filing for my EAD renewal and had a quick question...I have an EAD card from when I was in college and did my OPT. The problem though is that I do not have some of the details that they ask for while filing EAD renewal, such as what Center was it processed at & what was the application date.

    I have already called USCIS & they cant pull up what center my EAD was filed at or the date it was filed. Can anyone suggest what I should do in this situation? What do I put in the form? Does anyone have similar experiences?

    I suggest, call immigration department of your Graduate school, they must have the details. Or just leave it blank that information. One of my friend had EAD on OPT and when he applied firt time for EAD(while pending I-485), he left that information as blank and he got his EAD

    These are my suggetions

    07-07 02:12 PM

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