Wednesday, June 1, 2011

finger tattoo designs

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  • VivianeT
    Apr 23, 09:56 PM
    Please HELP!!!!!! I have to delete duplicates masters.
    I am using Aperture 3
    There has to be a way!!

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Mar 21, 07:35 PM
    $25 an hour for 3 hours work is NOT reasonable unless you live in a motor home in the desert. $25 is only good if it's a wage and you have an employer paying benefits and taxes for you. But as a freelancer, $25 is not that much by the time you pay taxes and other expenses; unless you are billing out 50 or 60 hours a week. 3 hours at $25 is terrible! A hundred hours (billable) at $25 is better... but still kind of low (depending on experience and where you live).

    If the OP is going to bill hourly, then he at least needs to set a minimum hourly charge to make worth his while.

    Again to get the real hourly wage divide $25 by 3, that is the true hourly rate which is $8.30. Reasonable I think not.

    Generally the rule is the rule of 3 (this is how I quote, clients are happy and I don't undercut myself), times quotes by 3 and divide your hourly rate by this will give you the most accurate way of billing and ensuring you don't undercut yourself while the actual payment is never over the quoted amount (clients love this). It means it will allow you to reinvest in yourself with sick leave, holidays, new equipment and software.

    So for a site mock up I would have quoted $675, while the actual billable would have come in around $375-$450.

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  • gotzero
    Oct 15, 12:24 AM
    The website now says not to run two. Is the new version now using all 8 cores?

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  • hulugu
    Mar 17, 03:29 PM
    If I dress like a nerd is it ok for people to give me wedgies, tape "kick me" signs on my back and give me swirlies in the bathroom? Was I asking for it?

    Well, that's what you get for wearing a Star Trek uniform.


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  • caspersoong
    Apr 28, 01:14 AM
    This is awesome news. Apple does take care of privacy.

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  • iNewbie
    Oct 3, 10:14 AM
    Yet another Notes hater here.

    I first came across it at work in 1992 or so, back with version 2. We used it for our customer support and sales databases, and the company were still using it in 1999 when I finally left them. By then they were also developing a web-server product based on the current Notes webserver component, and re-launched the company around this product, floating the company to obtain extra venture capital. It was quite frankly the worst performing web server I'd ever seen, and the company folded when the money ran out.

    As part of supporting this junk product I had to pass a Notes exam. For that I learnt how Notes mail handled multiple copies of the same large attachment within multiple mailboxes. I forget the full details, but there was a nightly process that ran through the mail database and consolidated such attachments. It was a horrible mechanism. The previous mail system I came from handled this in a far simpler way by simply using hard links.

    A collegue once ran the then current Notes release under the debug version of Windows 3.1, and had never seen so many reported errors in code.

    I'd also had to integrate Notes (version 4 I believe) into another E-mail sytem via a gateway at a customer. Configuring SMTP to an external source under Notes was a pain, and it took 3 'engineers' about 4 hours to try all of the combinations before we could get it to both send and receive mail.

    I've come across Notes a few times since then. Still horrible.

    I just don't understand all these Notes haters and their anectodal stories.. I'm not trying to flame or argue... but only have a reasonable discussion..

    You had a bad experience in 1999... Since version 5 came out in early 1999 you were likely on version 4.x. Notes has come a LONG way since then. This is like hating OSX because you had a bad experience with OS7 or System7 or whatever it was called. The webserver in those days was basically the FIRST version of it in the product. It was probably the internotes component.. you're right it probably wasn't very good back then.. The whole internet thing was jsut really taking off back then...

    I haven't done much with shared mail which is what you're referencing regarding the attachments but again in the EARLY days it was something that people on said was not perfected.. Again it's a lot better now..

    Notes is NOT going to cure cancer.. similar to Visual Basic it get's a bad rap because it's a RAPID APPLICATION development system. It's also easy to learn. Many Notes developers started out with no prior programming experience. As such not all notes apps in the early days were written very well. But do you know what's cool? All of those applications will still RUN on the latest version. There's no microsoft rip and replace business here. But is that really an advantage? I think so but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe companies really like to re-write existing applications because they will no longer work because Microsoft want's to do something "different"..


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  • MarkCollette
    Nov 2, 03:42 PM
    Yay!! My Shuffle got delivered this morning too. I left it charging while I've gone to work. Can't wait to get home tonight and give it a whirl.

    /My first iPod!

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  • partyBoy
    Oct 1, 09:23 PM
    Let's kick this month off right with some excellent October desktops.

    You should put the year on the thread title,just saying...


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  • MacRumors
    Jul 23, 11:26 AM (

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  • aswitcher
    Nov 4, 04:18 AM
    me also.... great app

    i hate that app... thanks for putting it in though... :)

    its the one with all the silly driver things isnt it..ok maybe its just im to stooopid to use it..;)

    No its pretty easy to install...


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  • Vivid.Inferno
    Apr 8, 12:15 PM
    My boyfriends feet on the Glass floor of the CN Tower. Made him take the picture because I wouldn't open my eyes :p

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  • elhungarian
    Apr 24, 11:36 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Why not just wait for iPhone 5?


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  • Benjamindaines
    Oct 19, 06:15 PM
    How do I embed a music radio file into my blog? Ive tried using <embed src= autostart="true" loop="true"
    but it just downloads the file to the desktop i want it to play with in the browser window.


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  • troop231
    Apr 6, 11:55 AM
    12 petabytes is mind blowing, i remember my first windows pc with 300mb of hdd space.


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  • Abstract
    Jan 13, 04:44 AM
    VW has always had conservative exterior designs, but this is a bit too much (or too little?).

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  • off a tattoo on his ring

    May 6, 05:33 PM
    I have recently reinstalled Snow Leopard on my Macbook Pro. I am wondering, from the migrant Assistant, where it says to restore apps, can I just select the ones I want to reinstall rather than install ALL of them?
    Thanks for the help in advance.


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  • manosaurus
    Nov 20, 12:25 PM
    Memrom iPhone NEXT TUESDAY!!!!!

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  • Buschmaster
    Nov 20, 12:18 PM
    I'm beginning to think out this will come out about when the Powerbook G5 does...

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  • tigress666
    Apr 4, 12:32 PM
    in the middle of way open area at Union Square Park in NYC had 2 dropped calls. Customer services response? Install app on iphone that lets us know where your call was dropped. Sure let me do your work, and pay for that privalage.

    And how do you expect them to find out what is going on? Magic? All they wanted you to do was install an app that would let them run a diagnosis. Are they supposed to send some one over to you to take your phone and install it for you?

    You do realize that that would increase the time it would take them to find the problem by, a helluva lot vs. the few seconds it would take you to install that app. And it would be wasting a lot of gas and pay time to send that person out for something you could do in a few seconds.

    How lazy can you be to complain that they dare want you to do a few seconds of work so they can help you?

    I've never come across a company that will baby the customer that much. Apple still insists I drive my computer over to their store for them to look at. When I was calling in about a broken monitor, I had to *gasp*, look for the serial number on my computer for Gateway. I guess you'd expect them to send some one over to do that for me?

    Feb 16, 01:48 PM

    itunes lp and itunes extra for developers is what i think you're looking for.

    Mar 27, 03:18 PM
    randy, are you concluding this is false advertising?

    It's been said a hundred times...the auction title does NOT say it's an auction for a photo, and it is not listed in the correct category. Ebay even specifically gives an option to report an item that is miscategorized (in active auctions) or misrepresented (completed auctions). It's a violation of their terms, legal or otherwise.

    And to the person earlier who tried to argue that many things are bought and sold in the wrong categories, this is true. However, those auctions were most likely not created with ill intent, solely for the purpose of hoping someone doesn't propey read the auction description.

    Nov 19, 09:51 PM
    Word on the street.......if u go into tj maxx through the back, they have a genius bar. Ssssshhhh.....don't tell anybody though.

    Apr 27, 01:09 PM
    The master of troll has spoke.

    Could people stop calling each other trolls? Grow up.

    Apr 28, 11:21 AM
    I stopped reading right there b/c I don't believe that.

    It really hurts my feelings that you don't believe me. I had 3 different phones with Verizon (a cheapy Qualcomm, a RAZR, and a Blackberry), and none of them ever dropped a call. Whether or not you believe that is inconsequential to me.

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