Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    09-12 09:57 AM
    Yes they do it. They do random google searches. Our issue is not resolved just because they are given directive not to use wikipedia, because they may use a lot of other resources on the internet.

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  • hydboy77
    11-17 06:51 PM
    As a student who came here myself and understand the huge investment they have to make to come here to study in US, I fell sorry for these students and there parents. With the draconian restrictions imposed by uscis and certain senators many of these kids will not have an oportunity to work in US. I am not sure how they will be able to repay the huge loans they are taking to pay the fees to US universities

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  • panky72
    06-18 04:42 PM
    No one ever has gone to court over a Noncompete agreement issue. No one will.

    I don't know about IT but in other professions people go to court all the time. I have seen several cases.

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  • quick
    March 16th, 2005, 05:05 PM
    I have decided to go for the SB-600 rather than the 800 because I don't think I need the extra functions at this point. It will save on $$$ and weight too.

    Good choice.

    You also have faster recharge since the flash is slightly less powerful but perfectly adequate... I was going to get an SB-800 but ended up with two SB-600s for now for the same price.

    I will likely get one SB-800 (and maybe another SB-600) when I get my D2x so that I have commander mode available.

    the two SB-600s I have have been great for the month I've had them - if your only body is a D70 you're golden - you can use the sb-5B-600 on remote and use the built in D70 flash as commander.



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  • amitga
    02-21 01:01 PM
    Going back home is the only backup streategy. Probably everybody who is not contributing to IV, is depending on this backup plan.


    I dont want to sound pessimistic but do we think its necessary that we have to have some backup plan if the CIR bill gets into the mess it got into last year because of amnesty given to illlegal.

    The WORST SUFFERERS will be LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who are at the mercy of this illegal immigrants bill.Do you people think that we need to discuss atleast (the IV core group) the back up strategy if the CIR gets into grid lock as it happened last year.

    I think its worth a discussion.People any ideas.?

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  • ash0210
    09-09 09:02 AM
    Thanks Dixie...Also, as per other forum members showing PD Year will give clear picture of voting..!!

    You will have to login to be able to vote.


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  • PlainSpeak
    02-16 03:13 PM
    My I 485 was filed on 07/12/2007 in EB2. My priority date in Feb26 2007.
    I am working on EAD now, which is valid through 07/06/2012.
    I have got a job offer from one of the top fortune 500 company recently. They are offering the job with a role of "Lead Technical Architect".

    Following are the details from my labor:

    Job Title: Programmer/ Analyst/Systems, Software/Engineer/Developer, or Related to IT
    develop, create and modify general computer application software. Analysis user needs and design, develop software solutions. Design, develop, analyse and implement software and end user product. Coordinate various account projects with IT consultants; nurture close relationship with the major account customers by providing quality technical support and apply principles of computer science, engineering and mathematical analysis.

    From the generic nature of the role resonsibility, I feel that the "Lead technical Architect" role will not be a misfit with the requirement of "Similar resposibility".

    Can you kindly let me know if you see any violation of the EAD porting requirement in terms of similar responsibilities?

    Thanks in advance.

    You need to check SOC codes for both the roles and confirm
    In general english an Analyst role is different than an Architect role. In any case, to use AC21 your roles should not be different by more than 50 %

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  • ivgclive
    04-25 10:53 PM
    Here is my situation: I was on my 6th year of the h1b visa (I had about 3 months left of valid visa) when I left the country in January 2010 to live abroad...In August 2010 I came back to the US on a tourist visa and I applied to get the 3 months I had left on my H1b in November.

    After waiting for over 4 months, I received the approval notice from immigration for the h1b valid only for 1 day!! (4/20/11-4/21/11)...I received the approval notice on the mail on 4/23, 2 days after the visa was basically, by the time I received the notice in the mail, I was already out of status.

    If I apply for an extension this week, do you think that they will approve my 7th year extension or they might deny it based on the fact that I applied after my H1b visa expired? If they deny it, what are my options to stay in the country?

    What would the employer gain by applying H1B if only 3 months left?


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  • gjoe
    10-03 02:41 PM
    First let us get USCIS to process our applications strictly based on PD. Then we will have more people for the rally because new PD date members would be more motivated to participate in the grassroot effort

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  • indyanguy
    06-30 05:18 PM
    Can any experts comment on this?


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  • harikris
    05-20 08:09 PM
    President Obama recently mentioned plans for holding a White House meeting to discuss proceeding with immigration reform legislation. And now he is keeping that promise by setting June 8th, just three weeks from now, to hold the meeting. According to Politico: "The meeting will be an opportunity to launch a policy conversation that we hope will be able to start a debate that will take place in Congress later in the year," the official, who asked not to be named, said. Asked if the session would be billed as a summit or a forum, like similar meetings on health care...

    More... (

    After a long period, this piece of news is most welcome. This is precisely what we need - people that really matter are going to take up this issue. Hopefully, they reach some logical conclusion on legal immigrant petitions. All we can do from outside is to influence their discussions/debates by making our views heard.

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  • eldrick
    07-31 03:46 PM
    Last week, I submitted my documents to my lawyer but until now I haven't received any confirmation from my employer yet if my application has been filed already. We are not allowed to contact our lawyer directly so I'm just relying on my employer about this. I'm quite concerned coz there's no way for me to find out if they have filed it or not.
    Is there a way? Please help me please. Thank you


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  • msyedy
    03-28 11:13 AM
    You may have submitted your papers in Jan 2007 but make sure your lawyer forwarded it in Jan 2007. Check for the date Received on the approval notice.

    If you filed it in January you should have a reciept document which should be a date before your old H1-B of 5th feb expires, if you have this you are not considered out of status.
    As someone sujested there may be a typo or the I-129 was filed incorrectly or these USCIS people did not really look into the case properly.

    Your lawyer can follow up with that reciept notice and H1-B approval and correct the error.

    Dont' Worry, you are safe. Yell at your lawyer if it is his mistake. These lawyers are so untrust worthy these days, they are becomming more money minded.

    Issues have happened with many of my friends.

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  • MyGCPath
    10-23 01:51 PM
    I have received my Card recently. See my signature for detail information.

    I need advice/thoughts from you (Guys/Guru's) on some of the questions below. Any response will be really appreciated.

    1. Got my 485 approval and GC (phycical Card) in hand. What is next? Do I need to get a Infopass appointment and get stamped before any abroad travel?

    2. Before receiving 485 approval, my wife and kid went on a Vacation(abroad). Their H4 visa expired on passport, but they have h4 extension/approval till 2010? I was thinking of sending them to H4 stamping, but now that I have 485 approval for them, What should I do? Just bring them here and show GC at port of entry? (Ofcourse, I'll take their GC go abroad and bring them back)?

    3. Anything i should be aware or concern about these situation?


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  • dpp
    08-18 04:40 PM
    Speculation is always part of one's life. We want to know our future options, that's why we speculate. Some speculations are deduction from facts and some are just inference. We cannot avoid speculating. What we can do is trying to know which speculation is nearer to the truth and which ones are not.

    Ok. keep speculating... enjoy with that.

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  • dixie
    08-18 01:42 PM
    Maybe. But parallel filing itself has been dysfunctional ever since retrogression hit. Talk of replacing one dysfunctional system with another.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    They started premium processing for I140 so that they could stop parallel filing of 140 and 485.


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  • veni001
    08-26 05:03 PM
    AFAIK, if the MS degree is from an US accredited institution and your new EB-2 job requires a MS degree, then yes, your new employer can start the EB-2 process for you. Once you have a US Masters, it doesn't matter what your earlier educational qualifications are. Key thing here is that your EB-2 job MUST require a Masters degree.

    .....and none of the accredited universities give you admission to MS unless you have bachelor's degree, and most of the online MS degrees are not from ABET accredited universities, please get all the information about the degree before you pay any FEE:o

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  • MLS
    08-07 05:22 PM
    I may be wrong but I remember reading that sometime back US made rule that the h1 stamping can be done only at your home country (country of nationality). So doubel check on that.

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  • aksaharan
    09-08 07:30 PM
    Welcome aboard.. and please vote poll @

    11-12 04:17 PM
    Don't give any suggestion on which you don't have any clear knowledge.
    "LostInGCProcess" is right in his answer. Visa does not decide duration of stay in US. Duration of a visa is the time when you can enter US legally. But the person's stay in US is decided by I-94 at port of entry. I have seen quite a few people coming here in US with visa expiring within a month but got I-94 for a duration of 3 to 6 months.

    The VO gives I-94 only up to the expiry of visa period. Its rare to see someone gives I-94 beyond the expiry date of visa. There is a risk involved.

    When you have 10 years visa, they give 2 months and 4 months many times, I don't expect them giving gifts to visitors.

    09-02 11:17 PM
    I will be taking up a new job and I have been told by the new employer that, benifits will start after 30 days.

    I presently have insurence through my employer. My understnading is that, insurence stops the day I leave the present employer. Now how do i handle the stop gap in insurence to be on safer side...??

    Any help is appreciated...

    You can choose to continue the insurance, the employer should provide this option. It looks expensive, but it is just for a month time, on the safe side, you can take this.

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