Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • fimtisher
    Apr 7, 03:19 PM
    Would love to see a bluetooth joystick. Classic. Not looking forward to the palm blisters, though.

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  • likemyorbs
    Mar 19, 03:18 AM
    For that matter, why not Madoff? The effects of his mischief harmed far more people than even Manning. Why should he be spared the chair?

    Harmed them financially, not physically. Not death penalty worthy. Again, i support the death penalty only for the most heinous of crimes. It should be used sparingly.

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  • dornoforpyros
    Sep 24, 08:57 PM
    eh you know the sex is happening and will continue to happen. Just make sure their being smart & safe about it and there's really nothing more you can do.

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  • 840quadra
    Nov 30, 11:19 AM
    Clap clap. Nice...

    Let's hope iTunes will dominate the nation then. :cool:

    No thanks!

    Dominance = too much market share = too much retail control = less choices for consumers = higher prices!

    I love Apple, however it is just as bad for us if they have too much control over the market. It could potentially be a large problem, just like the major studios, and Microsoft have currently in their respective markets.


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  • BeamWalker
    Aug 4, 09:08 AM
    that dog link please?:D:)

    You can get it at Deviantart (

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  • Pipian
    Feb 18, 11:23 AM
    I meant that I hadn't noticed it before 10.3.8, but I like it..


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  • ssspinball
    Apr 4, 12:50 PM
    This is another reason why I will likely just transfer my number to Google Voice for $20 + cancellation fees without losing my number. Currently my cost would be about $100 total for the change on top of a contract price of $299 (for 32GB model), so $399 instead of $549.

    I'm at a loss for how GV makes any difference in this scenario. If you move to another carrier, you can port your number to that carrier and not lose the number, so how exactly does GV help?

    You're aware that GV is NOT a carrier service right? All it does it route calls to the carrier(s) you are using...

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  • yadmonkey
    May 2, 05:28 PM
    Thanks for the donations by all who are eligible. I normally give every 8 weeks but am currently ineligible due to recent travels.

    Wow, I've donated a bunch of blood in my time, but every 8 weeks is above and beyond!


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  • timelessbeing
    May 1, 09:37 PM
    I found a perfect little free Java app. It's called Mix2Stix (
    It has a simple, easy to use interface and works on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac...), with any storage device, and any file type. What more could you want?

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  • bozzykid
    Mar 28, 04:54 PM
    Are you totally clueless?


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  • macntosh
    Apr 16, 09:51 AM
    So I want to reply to a few posts via IM, but can't figure out how to do it. Any help appreciated.


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  • janey
    Aug 20, 08:46 PM
    Can you say Dogcowtiger? ;)
    rofl ;)
    i love your dogcow `tars :D


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  • Happybunny
    Feb 3, 02:37 AM
    For February I've gone with this little bundle of perfection.

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  • Chrismcfall
    May 6, 12:21 PM
    Apologies if this has been asked in the past. I've got an album i downloaded a couple of years back in iTunes (Just found it in my purchase history)

    Would I be charged for redownloading this, or would it be free in the same way I've done it with paid apps?



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  • Rustus Maximus
    Mar 31, 09:59 PM
    ...It's coming people; accept it or get left behind...

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  • likemyorbs
    Mar 18, 02:08 AM
    Those for the death penalty. How do you feel about Manning (I think that's his name. The guy that released the classified documents), if found guilty he can get the death penalty for it. Hugh

    That's horrible. Definitely not death penalty material. Actually, it's not even life in prison material.

    And if you get rid of those extra appeals then you will kill more innocent people, and how is that different from murder?

    Wow, again with the innocent people argument? How many times do i have to explain that there are many clear cut cases where there is no chance of innocence before you people get it through your heads? I already named two of them. While i acknowledge past wrongs, this is pretty much next to impossible today thanks to dna technology which only really went mainstream in the last decade. sorry guys, but there is no way ill be convinced that killing a serial killer is immoral.


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  • patrickdunn
    Jun 19, 07:05 AM
    Nice, glad to see Boulder is represented on MR!

    I'm going down there in 15 min.

    "Big Gulps, Alright!.............................Well, see you later!

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  • BenRoethig
    Sep 26, 09:20 PM
    .mac is in need of a major upgrade

    This is a good start

    And a major price drop.

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  • Mookamoo
    Jan 9, 06:09 PM
    I'm feeling a little unloved at the moment.

    Apple Computers are now Apple Inc.??

    Phones? TV?

    Where is the core support for the loyal computer spuds.

    I know Leopard is on its way, but the keynote sounded a bit like Jobs has got himself some new Phoney and TVey friends now and doesn't really think we need some nice shiny new trinkets.

    Totally understand the iPhone impact and the fact that its a new benchmark, but I really hope they don't lose sight of the core business, ie ME and and my 'puter

    Apr 2, 10:49 AM

    Analog Kid
    Nov 29, 12:22 PM
    The studios want to avoid the experience of the music industry, which has yet to recover from years of illegal digital piracy.
    The best way to avoid the experience of the music industry is to respond to a changing market and give people what they want before they get mad enough to expend the effort to just take it and feel justified.

    Doctor Q
    Apr 4, 08:06 PM
    After I switched to Verizon, AT&T sent me a letter offering all sorts of deals if I'd change my mind (although they didn't offer to buy out my new 2-year Verizon contract).

    This must be how they were planning to pay for my special discounts, by raising fees for everyone else!

    Apr 18, 12:57 PM
    A surprising, but welcome, twist.

    I thought it was the frigid version of your floor-hockey league. ;)

    No- totally different group of people. Great bunch of guys.

    That's actually very surprising (in a good way). People usually aren't as sensitive to that word as they are with the N word, especially straight people.

    That was the thing that clinched it for me. When they told me that story, I knew I had found some good people.

    May I use that as my signature? :p

    Yep. ;)

    Apr 20, 10:43 PM
    We're winning! We're really winning this time!

    Suck on these :apple: :apple: :apple: :apple: fandroids.

    What do you mean we? Do you have a mouse in your pocket?

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