Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Northgrove
    May 3, 01:49 PM
    I don't really get this... You already pay fees for the data - why do they care for how you use it?

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  • Puppies
    Nov 23, 06:37 PM
    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Otherwise it'll just be about the same as the educational discount.

    I need something to tip me over the edge to get a Macbook :)

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  • iSee
    Nov 16, 01:51 PM
    Hey, there's nothing wrong with Apple using AMD processors, as long as it's a good product.

    I mean, suppose AMD comes out with something 50% faster than a CD2 for half the price? Why wouldn't we want to get us some of that?

    I don't follow the processor wars, but:

    If Intel's got the best processor, I want Apple to be using that.
    If AMD's got the best processor, then I want Apple to use that.
    If Intel's got the best laptop processor and AMD the best workstation processor, then I want Apple to use both!

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  • mduser63
    Sep 12, 07:20 AM
    Note that it doesn't say "The iTunes Music Store is being updated." That's a pretty clear sign to me that not only are they going to add movies, it's also now just going to be the iTunes Store.

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  • wasabeeguy
    Apr 15, 11:43 PM
    look, i could make the exact thing in blender and render it in luxrender. and make it 10x more real looking cmon.

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  • maflynn
    Apr 8, 09:43 AM
    MS still playing catchup by the looks of the feature list in my opinion.
    Actually its the other way around. Windows 7 has leap frogged apple in terms of functionality, UI and usability.

    Apple needs to play catch up by adding some features to OSX.

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  • wnurse
    Aug 10, 05:54 PM
    Please tell me where I said that I thought that Apple monitors were better than Dell monitors in anything other than asthetics? I have not made any claim anywhere!

    All I said was that tech specs in some places were listed different so something about the panel seems to be different. Yes I bought an Apple monitor, yes I'm an Apple fanboy because I like the look of their electronics, but no I never stated that Apple's monitors were functionally better. On the contrary my statements are to the effect that Dell montiors show functionally better specs, so logically aren't they (not Apple) using the better panel.

    Also, what say you to blonde redhead's post about Apple and Dell using different suppliers? Is that correct, or more disinformation.

    Get off your soap box, have a cup of tea (or whatever will calm your attitude) and let's have a civil discussion.

    Sorry took so late to get back to you..
    1. I'm not even sure you were the one that said Dell monitors suck (notice i said "i get annonyed when people.. not I get annonyed when stoid". Anyway, as to different suppliers?.. I was not the one that made that observation/comment. I suppose whoever made that comment can verify for you if that is correct.

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  • peharri
    Oct 3, 01:33 PM
    iTV has already been announced, of course they'll demo it.
    Video iPod... possible. I think "true video iPod" is a misnomer, there already are video iPods, it just might get better over time.
    No Apple Phone, for obvious reasons. The Apple Phone will only appear if they can't persuade the rest of the market to license iTunes, or if they're totally, completely, and utterly stupid.
    iLife/iWork - well, of course!
    More Leopard Features - ditto.
    More Movie Studios - hard to believe that wouldn't be the case.
    Steve Jobs retiring - possible, but why would it be announced at this MacWorld as opposed to any other time?

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  • marmotmammal
    Mar 24, 05:27 PM
    Core audio and core midi stabilized music processing at the operating system level, often driver-free, vis-a-vis OS9 or 8, and Windoze OS. X pretty much killed BeOS.

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  • IJ Reilly
    Oct 19, 12:39 PM
    Yikes, you win. ;)

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  • Mistrblank
    Apr 8, 02:01 PM
    I wonder what the special promotion is.

    Probably in the form of "bundles" where you're required to buy an iPad with their special accessory packs just so they can push overpriced accessories out of the door.

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  • calculus
    Sep 12, 07:29 AM
    http://static.flickr.com/90/241460253_3bb2758deb_m.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/corbtt/241460253/)

    Click to see it...
    Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis - great tune!

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  • autrefois
    Sep 12, 08:44 AM
    Hey everyone, I just came to tell everyone I found out from a super secret source that there's a MEDIA EVENT TODAY!!! This is brand new exclusive news I just found out!! I wouldn't be surprised if the iTunes Music Store went down at some point, either. You heard it here first!

    I won't bother to read the rest of the thread because I am sure I am the only one who has found out this information.

    ;) :p

    I know people get really excited before Apple events, but people should still please make a quick check to see if something has been said one or a few hundred times first before posting.

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  • TimUSCA
    Apr 25, 12:08 PM
    Looks legit to me other than that last one... which looks 110% fake.

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  • Hastings101
    Apr 9, 12:22 AM
    Go for it! If they deserve it, they deserve it!

    Yea, the other people working there deserve to suffer for something one person does :p

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  • VenusianSky
    Oct 6, 03:47 PM
    Former Verizon, unhappy AT&T customers...

    It is impossible to argue that Verizon would be better if it had the iPhone. We will never know the answer to such a question unless exclusivity goes over to Verizon. If Verizon would have got the iPhone deal instead of AT&T, thousands and thousands (whatever the number may be) of cusomters would have left AT&T, Sprint, etc. to join up with Vierzon just to get an iPhone. The networks may or may not have become over-saturated with the additional cusomters. We will never know. So if you are really that unhappy with AT&T's service, go back to Verizon. I'm sure they would welcome you back with open arms. I personally couldn't imagine paying for such terrible service if I were in that situation. AT&T's service just happens to be great in my area.

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  • wako
    Mar 30, 02:00 AM

    I was hoping letting this thread pan out for a few days I could read an amazing story and have a good ending... too bad this isnt the case yet...

    I really do hope you catch them. Its pretty amazing how you might be able to get your Xbox back from Connect360. If you do end up catching them you should email the developer and tell him your amazing story. Not only can it connect your 360 to your mac, but it also is able to catch crooks ;)

    naya rivera maxim. naya rivera maxim. Naya Rivera Long Hairstyle; Naya Rivera Long Hairstyle. daneoni. Aug 24, 08:14 PM. Won#39;t it be weird if the replacement batteries are the
  • naya rivera maxim. Naya Rivera Long Hairstyle; Naya Rivera Long Hairstyle. daneoni. Aug 24, 08:14 PM. Won#39;t it be weird if the replacement batteries are the

  • eah2119
    Mar 26, 01:46 PM
    Have they thought about including a USB stick in the box as well, for the Macbook Air? I sure would hate to have to buy an external CD drive just to get the new OS on my computer. Will they allow it to be downloaded over the internet?

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  • pcharles
    May 2, 01:27 PM
    I have been playing with the Lion Preview for a few weeks, on and off, and I am not liking what I see.

    I like the minimalist look, to some extent. It feels very clean and Jobsian, but I feel like many of the features I rely on have been changed. For example:

    Oct 3, 01:07 PM
    Here are my predictions (hold on to your pocket-protectors):

    Steve will enter the stage, the crowd will go wild, and he'll work on quieting them with lines such as, "I'd like to get started; we have a lot of great products I'd like to show you..."

    We'll all proceed to connect to MacRumors and complain about how ****** stupid Apple is, yet continue buy every new release of anything they've ever produced.

    Ya, that might happen, but last year he brought out the MBP which a pretty big announcement, so I'm hoping for good results again this year.

    Like maybe a 12" MPB ? or a normal priced Black MacBook...

    Nov 16, 01:08 PM
    who wants to run amd anyway?

    Aug 2, 09:19 AM
    To use on other devices requires you to have to go through a lot of unnecessary and time consuming hoops.

    DRM should be unified - one DRM standard for ALL devices.

    While I agree with that (unified DRM), no jumps are required to use the songs on a Windows or OS X computer nor an audio CD player.

    Apr 25, 01:23 PM
    Why are you so adamant that they will use 4S instead of 5?

    -The 3GS had an identical appearance to the 3G, but with upgraded internals, hence the S.
    -A 3.7" iPhone would not have an identical appearance to the iPhone 4 by virtue of the screen size alone, so there would be no reason to simply add an S.
    -3G is a feature description, adding an S might make some sense there as it could also be considered a "feature description". 4 is a revision number, why would they add an S to that? 4.5 or 5 would make more sense.
    -The iPhone 4 and iOS 4 were launched in the same time frame, it makes sense for the numbers on each to match up. What's next? iPhone 5 and iOS 5 of course. I don't know why they'd stray from matching revision numbers so quickly after finally achieving them.
    -If they plan on calling the phone after this 6, why would they skip 5, which sounds like a bigger upgrade than 4S?

    As far as I'm concerned, 4S is the least likely name possible for the next iPhone. iPhone 5, 4G (LTE), 4.5 (very unlikely), and plain "iPhone" all have a much greater chance than 4S (with 5 being the most likely). I just spent way to much time on this minor issue though.

    The phone will be the 4s. The start of production of the CDMA phone in Aug 2010 threw everything off kilter.

    The 4s will be a 4 with the 3.7 screen, and a A5 chip. That is it. Period.

    The 5 will be out in 2012 with Qualcomms 2nd gen Dual Band Chip which will be ready early 2012. It will will be a complete redesign with LTE. My money is on some type of new chassis with a new hybrid aluminum. The back glass will be gone for sure.

    Apple will then produce 1 World iPhone. 5,6,7,8,9.... all Global Phones. :apple:

    Apr 29, 01:59 PM

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